Monday, March 30, 2009

The times are...a-changing

Sunday (3/29) was the 'time a-change' for us.

We lost an hour of sleep, we 'earned' one hour of daylight and the promise of better, sunny, spring and summer days.

So the 'times are a-changing' and I wish for some extra 'sunlight' on everything bad in this life. I had a discussion today about how things are more 'less' today than they ever were. From 'wireless' phones to 'valueless' education (the incentive was an e-mail sent to me discussing that theme)...

Well I wanna believe that as long as the time will keep changing twice a year, in the literal sense...we must keep trying to change the times, in the metaphorical sense. I dedicate Bob Dylan to you and you and you...

Have a great great week
Peace and love


Brian Miller said...

haven't you heard "less is more". enjoyed the Dylan.

Marianna said...

I guess that is a way of seeing it Brian, the optimistic way lol

Yeah Bob Dylan is the man :-)

Take care now

Coffee Messiah said...

Better times have to be coming after what we're all enduring ; (


Cinnamon said...

Great post Marianna- I liked the way you reflected on the time change- and I agree with the sentiment- we should not stop trying to change for the better.

Pierrot said...

To believe in a change is a must, don't really matter if it's possible or not, although is important that it grows inside your self. The feeling can be painful, the reaction for people around you loathsome…that’s the price! Sometime to far above the ground.

Peace and love

Marianna said...

Coffee Messiah: it is true we live in difficult times...glad you visited lol

Cinnamon: Never stop trying lol Thanks Cinnamon for your kind words :-)

Pierrot: Aim higher and have true Pierrot lol Glad you stopped by :-)

Take care you all
Peace and love

Candie Bracci said...

Great words marianna!Yes more light,always more light for everyone!Hope.

P.S:my body takes time to get used to the hour change though,lol.

Have a great day

tony said...

Greetings from Sunny Manchester! Thanks for THE BOB.

subtorp77 said...

Always up for a listen to Dylan( got him in the side-bar on my other blog, of course! ) And didn't realise they did a time switch in Greece? With us, it was a government thing. Cheers Marianna! :)

Marianna said...

Candie: Thank you...that is a sweet comment. Glad to know I am not the only one having trouble with...time change lol

Tony: Greetings from the (almost) sunny Alexandroupolis!

subtorp77: Well I thought time change is a universall kind of thing...hmm got to check on that now :-)

Take care you all
Peace and love

meggie said...

It is odd, I never thought about Greece having a time change either. I learn something every day on this here internet! LOL.
We are about due to have our hour taken off us, so it is into winter we'll be going.
Gotta love Dylan!

Marianna said...

Hello Meggie!

It is funny how we had the change to enter summer and you to enter winter time lol

The internet is a powerful and educational tool if used wisely, that is true :-)

Take care now

Squirrel said...

The whole idea of the setting the clock ahead and back is odd, and so is driving across a line and finding it's an hour earlier on this soil. weird.

I LOVE Bob D. ( a new album is coming out soon) My dad brought Dylan into are house, so he was part of the soundtrack to my childhood--

time and space

Mrsupole said...

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