Monday, March 2, 2009

Clean Monday!

Clean Monday is a tradition that goes...way way back in my country. Forty days before Easter there is the Monday that declares the beginning of the fasting period in Greece. The 40 day fast is supposed to "clean" ones body (no eating meat or dairy) and soul. Greek people stop eating meat (and other non-fast food) and when Easter comes they EAT so much meat...till they burst!

The above description has to do with the religious aspect of Clean Monday. The thing is that today we honor the tradition but only a few people do it for religious purposes. Clean Monday is a day off everything (schools, stores, jobs, everything is closed), a day to be with ones family, dance and EAT A LOT. You see it doesn't matter if we can't eat meat. There is plenty of food out there that is good and 'legal' when it comes to fasting. Here is what people do in Greece today (in every village and in the countryside)...

Dancing (Opa!)

Eating and drinking (fish and retsina)

Serving and cooking food in squares and parks

Eating some more (taramas--the pink thing, olives, halvas,pickles and lagana-bread:-)

Dancing again (more opaaa!!)

I leave you with a traditional Greek song, lots of dancing and a wish for a great week!


Candie Bracci said...

what a great tradition.I don't eat meat at all but why need it when you got..
..Halva,tarama,houmous,feta,tzatziki(not sure about the spelling though but pretty sure about the taste!!!)olives you have there are huge too!Hummmm...I got lost :)

Marianna said...

Hello Candie Bracci!

I see that your knowledge on Greek food is excellent! Couldn't have spelt the word tzatziki better myself, bravo :-)

So nice you don't eat meat. It's good for your health!

take care
peace and love

minerva mouse said...

what a wonderful post!

I loved learning about clean monday and great photos!!

oh I see I'm signed in as minerva opposed to mouse (aka kimy) we are one in the same....

I'm hungry now off to make some breakfast.. I do have some leftover falafels, hmmm with some feta that will do nicely!

Marianna said...

hello mouse!!!

Thank you for dropping by and glad that you enjoyed the photos! Wish you have a great day and...a yammy breakfast!!

take care
peace and love

Megan said...

Opa to you too!

Marianna said...


Opa and to your health (it's what we say when drinking and saying 'cheers':-)

Take care