Saturday, July 25, 2009

Let me take you far away...

I know it's been a while since I posted anything, but what can I say...the Greek summer got to me!! The weather is wonderful, the sea is warm, the food is fresh and the drinks are cool! Come all I tell you...we'll have so much fan lol

The thing is that, apart from all the above, the Greek summer offers you a variety of cultural activities that happen once in a lifetime, for example...the Scorpions concert in Xanthi! Scorpions came to my part of the world and it was a breathtaking experience! This time they didn't just come to Athens. They chose 3-4 different Greek cities and they...rock and roll-ed us!!!!

For all my fellow bloggers who are currently on holidays, I wish you are having the summer-time of your life. For those of you who are working I hope you have plans to escape for a while...if not..."let me take you far away, you'd like a holiday"...

Love and kisses

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stage-A Theme Thursday Post

Irodio (ancient theatre located in Athens)

Source: (google image search)

Your heart is pounding so hard you can hear it's rhythm...your palms are all sweaty and you regret having to put all that make up on. Countless thoughts enter your troubled mind..."what if I forget what I'm supposed to say?" or "what if they don't understand me?"..."will they identify with me, will I reach them?"..."I mean can I do this?"...

But the time comes and you have to stand up there, reveal yourself and be judged by-what seems to be-a sea of colorful sets of eyes, looking, staring, 'hanging' by every word you'll say, monitoring your every move, sensing your anxiety and fears. They expect from 'grab' their attention from the first minute. If they get bored you've lost them. If they like what you're saying and the way you're saying it they'll applaud you. If not they'll 'boo' you...

In the end you feel exhausted yet fulfilled. You know how you did by your audience's reaction. Some may come to you to talk, to clarify and discuss. Others choose to leave right away. You know how you did and you promise yourself matter what, you'll keep on trying for the best. You may never reach perfection (is there such thing?) but tomorrow is another day. So you'll stand behind the front of your students and try to be the best teacher you can...for them...

This is how I felt the first time I had to go into a classroom and stand in front of all those children, looking, expecting, waiting for me to speak and set the tone. Did you think it was an actor getting ready to go up on a stage? Well that's how a teacher feels...sometimes (and I wouldn't trade these feelings for anything in the world:)

The following wonderful video was made by a YouTube user named kelanti. It's a great song about actors and acting. The video combines music and images perfectly plus it is subtitled in English for all of you to understand and...enjoy lol

Happy Theme Thursday and click here for other...'stage' players!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blue Caves (Part 1)-A Late TT Update

I made it (sort of)!!!

I finally managed to upload part of the video I was telling you about. Blogger gave me a hard time and I had to re-edit and divide it into 3 parts. So I give you the first part, the one with the blue caves! Hopefully I'll be able to upload the rest soon. I'm sorry for the bad quality of this video but I had to change its quality in order for it to be uploaded...enjoy!

Have a great weekend you all lol

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ghosts from the past...

Another Theme Thursday is upon us (in a good way:) with a topic that I found interesting and related to (with a little imagination added:)!!

For me the word 'ghost' symbolises something that doesn't exist plus the fear of the unknown. So here it goes...

In Zakinthos I went for a swim in a place called "the blue caves". Blue because of the water and the way its color makes your body The caves are holes, of all sizes, in rocks and you can even swim in them (my brave friend Maria went for it, I didn't). While in one of these caves the water still had its blue color only to be 'interrupted' by sades of 'black abyss', pieces of sea bottom where you couldn't tell what was down there. This image, enhanced by the sound of the water hitting the rocks and the deafening silence of the surrounding rocky walls, made the experience...ghostly awesome!

Of course every holiday isn't complete without a visit to a museum or two. One of my visits was to a museum in the island where you could find pictures and paintings from the Byzantine times, ruins that were salvaged from a big earthquake in the early 50s. Even though the church that was hosting these paintings doesn't exist, the walls were there to remind you that 50 something years ago they were part of a building filled with life...

My second visit was to the new museum of the Acropolis in Athens. Walking among the ancient statues and signs and reading the marbles that people used to write their daily activities on, had a...spooky effect on me. I always feel that every time archaeologists manage to find a part of past life is like we're searching among the ruins, chasing the ghosts of our past, trying to figure out who we truly are.

I have this little video to accompany the above words but blogger refused to upload it for me :( I'll try again later or I'll post it tomorrow.

Happy TT everyone! Don't forget to check out the other...Theme Thursday Posts!


Sunday, July 5, 2009


I have been tagged by an awesome and dear fellow blogger, Brian Miller. Each of his blog posts is a journey that lasts a few minutes (till you read it) but the words stay with you! You learn and you laugh and you cry and you smile and you think...! Give it and you'll see what I'm talking about! is awesome being a queen (thank you Brian)! I think-though-that there are pieces of that crown for 7 more people (only?!). OK there are some rules before I start handing out the pieces (and remember the central crown jewel is...mine! Heh heh kidding).

1. list 7 things that make you awesome (hmmm that is tough:)

2. Pass the award to 7 bloggers that I love (hmmm that's tougher...I love so many!)

3. Tag those bloggers to let them know they are now Queens too and link back the Queen (in this case a king:) who tagged you. (OK that's easy if I survive the first two:)

Get ready for awesome-ness lol
The seven things I like...about me (wait isn't this a song title...sort of?)

1) I like the fact that I managed to be surrounded by so many...awesome people. My family, friends and blogger friends are cool, honest, great, loving, caring people. So lucky to have's awesome :)

2) I like the fact that I never betray a person's trust.

3) People say that I have a great voice and ask me "why don't you sing professionally?". I don't that awesome?

4) I like the fact that I sometimes make people laugh with what I say. Laughter for me is what water is for the body. Essential :)

5) I like that people call me sometimes-during my radio show-to tell me a nice thing or a simple hello. Communication is such a great thing!

6) I love! And love is awesome, ain't it?

7) I like the fact that I'm a rule breaker (they're meant to be broken after all). So if any one of my friends is reading this (the ones that know me in real life-or not:), could you fill the 7th spot? Oh and also could you verify facts number 2,3 and 4? Someone? Thank you lol

That's all folks! Now the hard part...tagging time. I'll try to tag people that I think haven't been tagged (if you have already been tagged, forgive me). If it was up to me I'd tag all the bloggers you see on my reading list lol So here it goes...

Subtorp77: Thank you for the awesome journeys subby!

Lisa: I love your awesome blog and the issues you raise!

Leah: The weather in...her blog is always warm, sunny and awesome!

The lair of the Silver Fox: Have you read his awesome writings? No? I think it's time to start :)

Mouse: The pictures, the quotes, the writing... they're awesome and beyond!

Liza: The company this blog keeps is...awesome!

Tom: This blog's awesome title says "[...] with a Twist", I say "on the rocks" because!

This is it! Remember that for are all kings and queens!
Have an...awesome week lol

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fun-k(e)y...A Theme Thursday Post :)

"Oh my" for today's theme!

There is one thing that came to mind and I'm gonna share with you. Funky Jazz!! I love to dance, watch other people dance, learn how to dance and so on. It is a form of expression that really makes me happy...I have fun and the last time I checked 'fun' is part of the word 'funky', isn't it?

Take a minute to enjoy a 'funky jazz' choreography, performed by two wonderful dancers, Natalie Fotopoulos and Zoi Tatopoulos. The video is taken from the Greek version of the show 'so you think you can dance' and it was uploaded by a YouTube user (many thanks to badmintonwinner:)...

Happy TT