Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shadows and colours-A Theme Thursday Post...

First of all Happy TT everyone!

I'll be out of town today so I had an early preparation for this Theme...

second of all I can't take any credit for today's post...all I did was embed this wonderful video, it was someone else's creation.

Finally I'll catch up with your..."shadowy" TT posts when I get back :)

Meanwhile enjoy this Subtitled Greek Song called "Shadows and Colours" is related to the Theme (I hope:)!

Video made by kirkh70! Visit her channel and view more of these wonderful videos!

xoxo to all!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Haris I come!!

Going to a concert today...probably the most-wanted-to-go concert in my life so far. Off to watch and hear Haris Alexiou, the Greatest Greek Singer ever, perform live! If you wanna know more just double click on the YouTube video and there is a nice summary of Haris in the info section (in English)...

How is you weekend so far dear fellow bloggers?

Take care!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Festival-Theme Thursday

Every summer, since 1995, in the river Ardas (located in the north-eastern part of Greece) there is a festival. It is called a "youth meeting" and several Greek and Balkan Artists participate in the event.

I haven't actually been there (people say that the mosquitoes are the size of an airplane) but people who've camped there speak of a wild-wild event! Lots of drinking, dancing, singing, games and competitions! They are the four days of fun, when anything can happen. Kinda like Woodstock (minus the ideals though).

Back in the days, when the festival first started, there were more rock bands signing to sing. The past few years though, the festival lost its rock touch and became more...pop. This ardas website will show you what it is all about and also Picture this!!

This video is a bit shaky but it can give you an idea :) Enjoy this Greek Singer singing "Sweet Dreams". Thank you to the YouTube user Patsisnet for uploading the video.

Happy TT everyone and don't forget to check the other festivals around the world!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Filia-A Theme Thursday post

In Greek the word "filia" (the intonation on the a) means kisses. What I find interesting though is that if you change the intonation and stress the second I-filia-then you get the word "friendship"...hmmm I think I had a point at some point but then I...lost it...God it's hot here. How is the weather in your part of the world? OK...moving on...

I love this weeks theme and I love the fact that I went on YouTube and listened to songs I had forgotten, like "kiss me" by sixpence none the richer...

and remembered Rhett's kiss to Scarlett...

The thing I liked most was the fact that some people went to the trouble of making compilations of kisses from movies and TV shows. The outcome...a whole lot of kissing and hugging and well you get the idea. I give you one video I liked most, made by a YouTube user named "FirstTwinBorn"...Enjoy!!

Happy TT!!