Sunday, January 25, 2009


Remember the times when you were little and the world seemed so big and adventurous?

When I was a little girl I used to read Enid Blyton's books. Of course after the passing of the years ,and age ,I switched to Agatha (Long live Hercule!) but Enid holds a special place on my bookshelf and in my heart.

The story goes like this...I used to spend my weekends at my grandmother's house in a small village, about 20-30 minutes from the city I lived. I had a...small gang of friends there (some of them are still my friends). Inspired by Enid's "Secret Seven" we formed our own group of amateur detectives...we were the "secret four" (no surprises there:-). Every week we would meet at my grandmothers warehouse and discuss how we were going to save the world from the misfortunes and the bad people that were out there!

Now Enid Blyton's books were written in an English context and by context I mean the moody, wet, somewhat dark, misty, English weather and surroundings. Luckily in my country and village we got to have many different kinds of weather. In order for a good mystery to unfold and for us to "take matters into our own hands" autumn and winter was about the right time. So every time the season was right and the mood for a real nice mystery was set, we would be ready for any kind of stake out! Now you may not understand what I mean by that so I will provide some visual aids.

We would walk these roads searching for interesting and 'unusual' activities;-)

We would walk through these mountains...exploring (seriously we went up there!)

We would wait for the darkness to cover order for us to sneak out and do our thing (till our folks would come out, looking for us:-)

These are the places I grew up in...I am happy that they still exist in the way I left them. The only thing that is missing...a gang of four 10 year olds, walking, laughing, conspiring, imagining. I am guessing that they are inside right now watching TV...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Everything changes and yet some things remain the same...

Like this tree for example...

This tree has been the view from the back window, in my grandmother's house for...ever (which is only natural because trees are supposed to live long). What hit me the other day though is the fact that this tree has been the 'landmark' of my childhood...something that never changed through the course of time...that has never betrayed me. This tree is always there, standing proud and still, addapting to the seasons, so beautiful looking...

So here is to changes and things that remain the same in order to help us bring back the lost innocence...the years when we all thought we could change the world and...the hope that we can still change it...

Take care now
peace and love

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A special mask special people!

Now I mentioned that I make plaster masks but never really got the chance to post any pictures. I'll get to it soon...I just have to get pictures and all.

However there is one special mask that I wish to post here.

My students had an idea. They had a lesson which dealt with carnivals all around the world and thought it would be interesting to create a mask and present it to class. They knew that I was into that kind of hobby so...they turned to me for help :-)

This is what we did. Now remember all I did was form the face...the painting and final creation is my students' work. Give it up for George and Rosalia (aged 10!).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our (unnamed) cat!

Here's my cat who wishes to say hi to all the pets owned by bloggers throughout the world!!

"Hello. I live in a greek village called "loutra" (spas) and I am the beloved friend and companion of a nice granny. I like hunting mice and teasing the family's dog, flox. I have no name but I don't know why exactly. All I want is a little attention. If you don't hurt me I will not hurt you. But if you don't play with me...well then...I'll do this...

This is our unnamed, beautiful, little cat. It is true that a few years back someone poissoned another cat-pet we had, named Toto. After Toto my granny was afraid of loosing another cat so we never got a new one. Up till the spring of 2008. I saw this baby cat in a friend's house (giving them away) and I had to have her! My granny was happy about it but she said she wouldn't name it (I guess the fear of loosing it and being close to it again). So this is our cute little to offer her a name?


These are the answers to the questions sent to me by Meggie, whose blog offers us many beautiful little treats of life :-)

I don't know who had the original and wonderful idea. I followed the tracks and this is as far as It took me (maybe I found it maybe not :-)


1. If you could live in another country, which one would you choose? or would you prefer your own country?

Technically I have lived in another country for almost a year, during my MA studies. It was in the UK (Manchester). The thought crossed my mind before leaving Greece...that If I liked it there it would be nice to try and live there for a while. I mean it was such a big trip and I wouldn't want to waste it. I enjoyed every minute I spend in Manchester...I treasure the moments, the friends from other countries (some of them I still talk to regularly). Now you might say ok but...that is not the answer to the question.

Well my time there made me realise something...that I LOVE other cultures, civilizations, countries, people but...only if I know that I can come back home. So I would love to live in Greece (and be able to travel :-)

2. If you could spend a holiday in another country, which one would you choose?

I wanna go to Spain (Barchelona) and France (Paris). Me and my good friend Jim also dream about going to New York and Hong Kong (I have a dear friend living there) and...and...and...oh I want to go everywere!!!

3. Would you choose another career path, to the one you currently have? Why?

I have always wanted to be a teacher and I did everything I could in order to become one. My friends say I am the only one, they know, who knew exactly what she wanted. So...I love my job deeply and I can't imagine myself doing anything else. However, If I had the time and money I would also love to open a little shop-workshop, creating and selling my plaster masks and books (wouldn't mind if there were some of MY books on a shelf either :-)

4. What is your favourite colour, & why?

My favorite colour is blue.

I grew up in a town by the dad was born in Lesvos (a beautiful greek island) and I just think of the sea when I see all kinds of blue shades (which is funny because water is white! It's a good thing this 'interaction' with the light happens and we get that wonderful blue colour :-)

This is a picture of my hometown's little port...

5. Is there someone from your past you would like to meet up with again? Or not? & why?

Now that is an excellent question that needs thought...hmm I believe that people from our past stopped being with us, in any way, happened. However, there are two people I would like to meet again :-)

The first one is Chi-ho. He is a great friend of mine and we met in Manchester during our MA studies. We became and still are friends but he is there (Hong Kong) and I am here now (Greece). Thanks to the internet we "talk" but it is not the same as having the person close, talking, touching, hearing and all. I wish that someday we will be able to meet again in person and talk like we did back then.

The second is my roomate from the university, sophia. We shared a house for three years and they were the best years of my life. We were like sisters and even though she is across the country now it would be nice to have a cup of coffee and talk like old times.

So that is all :-)

Hope you enjoyed it

Now here are the rules of the interview-game. I will post them and should anyone wishes to participate and continue would be great!

1. Send me an e-mail or comment saying "interview me"

2. Then 5 questions will be e-mailed to you (questions I choose to ask you :-)

3. Answer them on your blog

4. Do not forget to re-post the rules along with your answers and offer to interview anyone else who e-mails you or comments that they wish to be interviewed!

take care now
peace and love

Monday, January 12, 2009

The weight of the word..."child"

"Αλάφρυνε σα φτερό η λέξη κι ας είναι βουτηγμένη στο αίμα. Όσοι καμώνονται ότι την κατανοούν και την υπερασπίζονται την έννοια παιδί, δεν κατέκλυσαν τους δρόμους της οικουμένης στο άκουσμα του βομβαρδισμού ενός σχολείου κι ενός νοσοκομείου γεμάτων με παιδιά. Κι όμως είναι οι ίδιοι άνθρωποι που κόπτονταν για τα παιδιά μόλις ένα μήνα πριν. Τα παιδιά της πέτρας, της αμφισβήτησης, της... του... Το παιδί γίνεται δυσθεώρητα αξιοσέβαστο στο δυτικό πολιτισμό μόνον όταν συνοδεύεται από κτητικές αντωνυμίες. Τα δικά μας. Το δικό μου. Αλλιώς αριθμοποιούνται, ταξινομούνται, ζυγίζονται σα λιπόσαρκα αρνάκια γάλακτος κι ύστερα βγαίνει ο λύκος και διευκρινίζει πως άμα το παιδί θεωρηθεί θώρακας ή ασπίδα του εχθρού, παύει να είναι παιδί και γίνεται απλώς χαλκομανία, αριθμός θυμάτων χαμένων στο σωρό."

Λιάνα Κανέλλη (για να διαβάσετε ολόκληρο το άρθρο πατήστε εδώ)

"A word as light as a feather though covered in blood. The concept of the word "child" [...] the children holding stones in their two little hands, the children of doubt, his...hers...The child becomes respectable in the western part of the wolrd only when followed by possessive pronouns. Ours...Mine... In any other occasion children are numbered, categorized, weigh out like fleshless baby lamps and then...there comes the big bad wolf to decide whether this or that child is an enemy 'protector' or shield. Then the child is no longer considered to be a becomes just another number on the pile of the lost victims and "collateral damage"...

By Liana Kanelli (Greek Jurnalist, writer, activist)

Fight against war and repression...fight for the children of Palestine...The power is in our hands to try and raise our voices against the injustice and the murder of innocent people and children. Don't stay in and watch what is happening in front of your TV. Go out and become one with the voices that demand to...


Friday, January 2, 2009

What is the purpose of your life? (Ποιός είναι ο σκοπός της ζωής σου;)

(english version)

A question that simple and yet so complicated...

It is amazing how much energy, thinking and meditation is put in this-otherwise-ordinary day.

01/01/2009 and suddenly everyone starts thinking about their lives, dreams, hopes, aspirations, resolutions. We are happy the old has past and the new is here, we kiss whoever is standing next to us, we give presents, we celebrate, we remember people we never call...

01/02/2009 and suddenly everything goes back to normal. We sleep to regain the energy lost from the previous day, we stop meditating and thinking about our lives, dreams, hopes, aspirations and resolutions. We are neither happy nor sad and the new seems old somehow. We don't kiss whoever is standing next to us, got no money for more presents, we get back to work and we go back to calling only the 2-3 people we always call...

One of the interesting, yet difficult questions, I got the other day as regards the new year and life itself was this..."what is the purpose of your life?". At first I thought that the question is not fair...I mean we all have a purpose when we come into this world. It is there for us to discover it but life is not fair because a child born in Africa or Palaistine will never discover its true purpose...'life' will not let it happen. If the opportunities given in life are not the same and equal then how are we supposed to discover our true purpose? Then I started thinking about me and came down to this little conclusion...

We live in a world of our creation and we strive to find meaning in the little things it has to offer us...sometimes the smallest and meaningless thing (like a good word or jesture to somebody) can give you the biggest of pleasures. I don' t know were I am getting at with my life...all I know is that I want to try and start appreciating the small things and moments life has to offer. I' m afraid that if I miss these moments then...I miss my purpose in life itself!

Happy new 2009! Peace, love, health to all :-)

(Greek version)

Μια ερώτηση τόσο απλή αλλά ταυτόχρονα και τόσο περίπλοκη...

Είναι απίστευτο το πόση ενέργεια, σκέψη και περισυλλογή εναποθέτουμε σε αυτήν την--κατά τ' άλλα-- συνηθισμένη ημέρα.

01/01/2009 και ξαφνικά όλοι αρχίζουν να σκέφτονται για τις ζωές τους, τα όνειρα, τις ελπίδες, τις φιλοδοξίες και τις αποφάσεις τους. Είμαστε χαρούμενοι που το παλιό έχει περάσει και το νέο έχει καταφτάσει, φιλάμε όποιον έχουμε δίπλα μας, δίνουμε δώρα, το γιορτάζουμε, τηλεφωνούμε σε ανθρώπους με τους οποίους δεν συνηθίζουμε να επικοινωνούμε στην καθημερινότητα μας...

02/01/2009 και ξαφνικά όλα έρχονται στα ίσια τους. Κοιμόμαστε για να αναπληρώσουμε την ενέργεια που σπαταλήθηκε την προηγούμενη ημέρα. Σταματάμε την περισυλλογή και τις σκέψεις για τη ζωή, τα όνειρα, τις ελπίδες και τις αποφάσεις μας. Δεν είμαστε χαρούμενοι , αλλά ούτε και λυπημένοι, και το καινούριο φαντάζει παλιό κατά έναν περίεργο τρόπο. Δεν μοιράζουμε φιλιά από δω κι απο κεί και η τσέπη μας είναι άδεια για άλλα δώρα. Ετσι επιστρέφουμε στη δουλειά και στο να τηλεφωνούμε και πάλι τους 2-3 ανθρώπους με τους οποίους επικοινωνούμε σε καθημερινή βάση...

Μια από τις ποιό ενδιαφέρουσες και δύσκολες ερωτήσεις που μου έκαναν χτές, σ' ότι αφορά τον καινούριο χρόνο και τη ζωή μου, ήταν και η εξής..."Ποιός νομίζεις ότι είναι ο σκοπός της ζωής σου;". Στην αρχή σκέφτηκα ότι η ερώτηση δεν είναι δίκαιη...όλοι έχουμε έναν σκοπό όταν ερχόμαστε στη ζωή. Ο σκοπός αυτός είναι εκεί και μας περιμένει να τον ανακαλύψουμε αλλά η ζωή η ίδια μας βάζει τρικλοποδιές. Ενα παιδί που γεννήθηκε στην Αφρική ή την Παλαιστίνη δεν θα έχει την ευκαιρία να ανακαλύψει το δικό του σκοπό. Αν οι ευκαιρίες που δίνονται στη ζωή δεν είναι ίσες και ίδιες τότε πως υποτίθεται ότι θα ανακαλύψουμε τον πραγματικό σκοπό της ύπαρξης μας; Μετά άρχισα να σκέφτομαι για μένα και κατέληξα στο εξής συμπέρασμα...

Ζούμε σε έναν κόσμο που εμείς οι ίδιοι δημιούργήσαμε και παλεύουμε να βρούμε νόημα στα μικρά πράγματα που έχει να μας προσφέρει η ζωή. Μερικές φορές το πιο μικρό και χωρίς νόημα πράγμα (όπως μια κίνηση ή ένας καλός λόγος σε κάποιον) μπορεί να σου προσφέρει μεγάλη συγκίνηση και χαρά. Δεν έχω ιδέα που θα με βγάλει το μονοπάτι της ζωής μου...το μόνο που ξέρω είναι οτι θέλω να προσπαθήσω και να αρχίσω να απολαμβάνω τις μικρές χαρές και στιγμές που μου προσφέρονται. Φοβάμαι ότι αν χάσω αυτές τις στιγμές τότε...θα χάσω το νόημα της ίδιας μου της ζωής!

Καλή χρονιά! Ειρήνη, αγάπη, υγεία σε όλους :-)