Tuesday, January 13, 2009


These are the answers to the questions sent to me by Meggie, whose blog offers us many beautiful little treats of life :-)

I don't know who had the original and wonderful idea. I followed the tracks and this is as far as It took me (maybe I found it maybe not :-)


1. If you could live in another country, which one would you choose? or would you prefer your own country?

Technically I have lived in another country for almost a year, during my MA studies. It was in the UK (Manchester). The thought crossed my mind before leaving Greece...that If I liked it there it would be nice to try and live there for a while. I mean it was such a big trip and I wouldn't want to waste it. I enjoyed every minute I spend in Manchester...I treasure the moments, the friends from other countries (some of them I still talk to regularly). Now you might say ok but...that is not the answer to the question.

Well my time there made me realise something...that I LOVE other cultures, civilizations, countries, people but...only if I know that I can come back home. So I would love to live in Greece (and be able to travel :-)

2. If you could spend a holiday in another country, which one would you choose?

I wanna go to Spain (Barchelona) and France (Paris). Me and my good friend Jim also dream about going to New York and Hong Kong (I have a dear friend living there) and...and...and...oh I want to go everywere!!!

3. Would you choose another career path, to the one you currently have? Why?

I have always wanted to be a teacher and I did everything I could in order to become one. My friends say I am the only one, they know, who knew exactly what she wanted. So...I love my job deeply and I can't imagine myself doing anything else. However, If I had the time and money I would also love to open a little shop-workshop, creating and selling my plaster masks and books (wouldn't mind if there were some of MY books on a shelf either :-)

4. What is your favourite colour, & why?

My favorite colour is blue.

I grew up in a town by the sea...my dad was born in Lesvos (a beautiful greek island) and I just think of the sea when I see all kinds of blue shades (which is funny because water is white! It's a good thing this 'interaction' with the light happens and we get that wonderful blue colour :-)

This is a picture of my hometown's little port...

5. Is there someone from your past you would like to meet up with again? Or not? & why?

Now that is an excellent question that needs thought...hmm I believe that people from our past stopped being with us, in any way, because...life happened. However, there are two people I would like to meet again :-)

The first one is Chi-ho. He is a great friend of mine and we met in Manchester during our MA studies. We became and still are friends but he is there (Hong Kong) and I am here now (Greece). Thanks to the internet we "talk" but it is not the same as having the person close, talking, touching, hearing and all. I wish that someday we will be able to meet again in person and talk like we did back then.

The second is my roomate from the university, sophia. We shared a house for three years and they were the best years of my life. We were like sisters and even though she is across the country now it would be nice to have a cup of coffee and talk like old times.

So that is all :-)

Hope you enjoyed it

Now here are the rules of the interview-game. I will post them and should anyone wishes to participate and continue this...it would be great!

1. Send me an e-mail or comment saying "interview me"

2. Then 5 questions will be e-mailed to you (questions I choose to ask you :-)

3. Answer them on your blog

4. Do not forget to re-post the rules along with your answers and offer to interview anyone else who e-mails you or comments that they wish to be interviewed!

take care now
peace and love


meggie said...

Hi, You certianly answered the interview questions with great care & honesty.
I loved reading your answers & also loved seeing the photos. Your hometown looks so romantic & different to anyplace I have ever been. It is very beautiful.
Thankyou for joining in the fun.
Your writing is excellent.
Hugs XX

Marianna said...


Actually the questions were great so I had fan answering them!

I ll show you more pictures from my beautiful town and village in upcoming posts :-)

till then
take care
peace and love

Jodi said...

I'll play! So "interview me" please. :)

disa said...