Saturday, January 17, 2009

A special mask special people!

Now I mentioned that I make plaster masks but never really got the chance to post any pictures. I'll get to it soon...I just have to get pictures and all.

However there is one special mask that I wish to post here.

My students had an idea. They had a lesson which dealt with carnivals all around the world and thought it would be interesting to create a mask and present it to class. They knew that I was into that kind of hobby so...they turned to me for help :-)

This is what we did. Now remember all I did was form the face...the painting and final creation is my students' work. Give it up for George and Rosalia (aged 10!).


Coffee Messiah said...

What a great idea and it turned out quite nice!

Cheers from the usa! ; )

Mark said...

A wonderful mask indeed!

Marianna said...

coffe messiah thank you for your nice comment! Cheers from Greece and thank you for visiting!

Mark thank you for visiting and wellcome to my blog!

Now I will tell my students that their mask was a...hit! They will be very happy to know that you liked it...;-)

Take care now
love and peace

Jodi said...

Beautiful! I'd love to see more of the masks you make. Oh and I forgot to email, we received your package! Thank you SO much! I'll be showing the school book to my book reading group as we are reading the Percy Jackson series (Greek mythology) and we were discussing the Greek alphabet.