Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our (unnamed) cat!

Here's my cat who wishes to say hi to all the pets owned by bloggers throughout the world!!

"Hello. I live in a greek village called "loutra" (spas) and I am the beloved friend and companion of a nice granny. I like hunting mice and teasing the family's dog, flox. I have no name but I don't know why exactly. All I want is a little attention. If you don't hurt me I will not hurt you. But if you don't play with me...well then...I'll do this...

This is our unnamed, beautiful, little cat. It is true that a few years back someone poissoned another cat-pet we had, named Toto. After Toto my granny was afraid of loosing another cat so we never got a new one. Up till the spring of 2008. I saw this baby cat in a friend's house (giving them away) and I had to have her! My granny was happy about it but she said she wouldn't name it (I guess the fear of loosing it and being close to it again). So this is our cute little pet...care to offer her a name?


meggie said...

Oh your sweet cat is lovely. If your dog is Flox, call her Floss.
I would have wanted her too, she is a beautiful colour.

Marianna said...

Ilove that name!

Floss is my favorite name candidate...my "cat with no name" sends her love as well!

Thank you Meggie