Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stage-A Theme Thursday Post

Irodio (ancient theatre located in Athens)

Source: (google image search)

Your heart is pounding so hard you can hear it's rhythm...your palms are all sweaty and you regret having to put all that make up on. Countless thoughts enter your troubled mind..."what if I forget what I'm supposed to say?" or "what if they don't understand me?"..."will they identify with me, will I reach them?"..."I mean can I do this?"...

But the time comes and you have to stand up there, reveal yourself and be judged by-what seems to be-a sea of colorful sets of eyes, looking, staring, 'hanging' by every word you'll say, monitoring your every move, sensing your anxiety and fears. They expect from 'grab' their attention from the first minute. If they get bored you've lost them. If they like what you're saying and the way you're saying it they'll applaud you. If not they'll 'boo' you...

In the end you feel exhausted yet fulfilled. You know how you did by your audience's reaction. Some may come to you to talk, to clarify and discuss. Others choose to leave right away. You know how you did and you promise yourself matter what, you'll keep on trying for the best. You may never reach perfection (is there such thing?) but tomorrow is another day. So you'll stand behind the front of your students and try to be the best teacher you can...for them...

This is how I felt the first time I had to go into a classroom and stand in front of all those children, looking, expecting, waiting for me to speak and set the tone. Did you think it was an actor getting ready to go up on a stage? Well that's how a teacher feels...sometimes (and I wouldn't trade these feelings for anything in the world:)

The following wonderful video was made by a YouTube user named kelanti. It's a great song about actors and acting. The video combines music and images perfectly plus it is subtitled in English for all of you to understand and...enjoy lol

Happy Theme Thursday and click here for other...'stage' players!!


Alan Burnett said...

I totally agree. When I used to teach, the nearest I could ever compare it with was acting. Even after all these years I can still recall the absolute rush, the amazing high, you would get when a "performance" went well.

Brian Miller said...

at one point along the way i taught as well. and yes that is a stage on which you will be judged very quickly. happy tt!

Kris said...


Ronda Laveen said...

That is a magnificent photo of the Irodio...full moon and all. Yes, all those little peepers staring back at you expecting you to have all of the answers. Great TT post.

Marianna said...

Alan: Welcome and glad to see that collegues agree with me lol It is a great feeling though, isn't it?

Brian: So you know how it feels dear Brian! Happy TT to U2!

Kris: Ehhhhhhh? lol

Ronda: Thank you dear! Glad you liked the picture lol

Happy TT all! Take care!

J A Harnett-Hargrove said...

Yea, I didn't know where you were going with that! And what a fickle audience students can be. Great post, the picture brings up memories. -Jayne

JeffScape said...

Heh... I love the teacher-as-actor reference. The first drama professor I had in college pretended to be a student the first day of class, just to prove a point that everyone's an actor. This reminded me of that.

Good stuff.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

regarding the 'stage fright' and the classroom - you nailed it....thank goodness for me it was primarily confined to the first day of class.

thank you for that is beautiful! and the montage of images was quite fun. is that song from any production? I've never heard of it, but it seems as if it could be.

bravo, bravo

subtorp77 said...

Marianna, I never thought of it that way but it now seems clear to me. And that is one awesome ampitheatre! Brian is right, you are AWE-SUMMMM! are that golden drop of wine! :)

Poetikat said...

I've been a substitute teacher and a teacher's assistant. I know exactly what you mean.


willow said...

I never thought about a teacher being on a stage, but they are! Oh, we were so merciless to ours. Especially substitue teachers. Poor things.

Baino said...

Oh Marianna this has such resonance for me. I was 21 in a classroom full of 17 year olds and it killed me. I didn't become a teacher, the practical segment was too much for my immature brain to deal with. I wish I had the ability to 'act' and bluff my way through. I think I'd be much happier now. Well done to you for sticking with it.

Betsy said...

Oh, those poor subs! Never thought of it that way!

Love the photo up top!

Wings said...

GREAT take on the theme! I never thought of teaching that way, but so true!!!

Candie Bracci said...

No 'boo' for you!that post is moving and that pic is sublime!Well done!:)

books,coffee,etc.... said...

Hi! Marianna,
I agree with Rhonda, what a nice photograph of the Irodio (The moon is shining...)Oh! Yes, Marianna, you, tricked me!...I thought you, were going in the direction of actors, as they prepare to go on stage.
Therefore, I guess being a teacher is very similar to being an actor...on the stage.
By the way, What a nice video!
Thanks, for sharing!
Take care!
DeeDee ;-D

Dreamhaven said...

A teacher wears many hats and many masks. My niece teaches special needs students, requiring true talent
. She has also been in many stage plays.
Teachers can make such an impact on other's both old and young. I salute them.

The Silver Fox said...

What a great photo. And as someone who's acted and been lead singer in rock bands, AND done presentations that were similar to teaching a class, I agree with your comparison!

Megan said...

I've always had a great dislike for the phrase, "those who can't, teach."

I admire you immensely.

Marianna said...

Jayne: heh heh that was my goal lol Thank you for your comments!

JeffScape: That must have been some cool teacher :)

Mouse: Thank you kimy! Coming from you means a lot to me :) Well the song was composed by the greatest Greek composer ever-M. Xatzidakis- and performed by the best Greek actor ever-D. Horn. It's a song from the theatrical play "odos oneiron (Avenue of Dreams)!

Subby: You made me blush! Thank you!!! You are sweet to say that my blogger friend :)

Poetikat: Oh another fellow teacher, so glad!!

Willow: Yeah I know...I remember things from my school years too and I say to myself "please let them have mercy on me", heh heh!

Baino: The first year is alway touch...and each year after that, when things get better and better, you go back and remember that first year. Well for what's worth I think you'd make a great teacher if you kept on going :)

Betsy: Hello and yeah, there's always that other side...

Wings: Thank you dear lol

Candie: awwwww you're sweet!!

DeeDee: Thank you! I think so too with the pic, I wish I had the ability to be transported in the pic right there in the moment!

Dreamhaven: I salute your niece and all the special needs teachers of the world. Their work is amazing! Thank you for your comment!

TheSilverFox: Thank you my talented blogger friend! I wish I had the chance to watch you perform :)

Megan: I believe that a teaching situation doesn't necesserily require a desk and classroom. It definitely needs interaction between people who wanna listen and talk. Oh and teaching is something that can be learned, not many people are born 'natural' teachers, as some say. In fact most of us work at it and we're doing fine!
Oh and Megan...right back at you! Thank you :)

Have a great day and weekend you all! Take care now!

Cinnamon said...

I am very late getting here, because I have not been doing the thursday theme lately- but I really enjoyed this post Marianna! The video was like a night at the theatre!

It is a sign that you are a good teacher, that you get stage-fright- it shows a real desire to connect with your pupils.

lettuce said...

ah what a good post
reminds me of the first lecture I ever gave, I was SO terrified!

Marianna said...

Cinnamon: Well it's never too late :) Glad to CU and thank you for your kind words lol

lettuce: Oh I think lectures are even tougher because they involve a large audience of grown ups who are borred already, sometimes :) Hope the outcome was rewarding lol

Have a great day you all!

tony said...

You Know I Used To Be A Teacher?Thats How It Felt!You Got It in One!

Marianna said...

Hey Tony, my fellow blogger and...teacher. It seems like we've all had that 'stage fright' one way or another :)

Have a great day!

Mrsupole said...

When I was in the Army I was a teacher and I had to teach grown men. That was always scarey. But it was also fun to be able to boss them all around. Little kids would scare me to death. They look up to you with such awe and then love. But as you get to know them it must become easier and then the new year starts with new kids. You must be such a great influence in their lives. I think they must really miss you during the summer break. But yes I guess you are on a stage and I too had never thought of that. Thank you for the video, it was great.

God bless.

Lisa Allender said...

God Bless You and your Teaching, Marianna! This rocks!