Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mineral Springs

This is my mum's birthplace. A village named Loutra (The Springs)

And that's the place where people go to take a bath in...mineral water!

The name (Loutra aka Springs) is relevant to its history and the fact that there are mineral, thermal springs in the area. The mineral 'spa' is located near the ancient ruins of a city which was built by the Romans in 98-117 A.D.

The ancient Greeks used mineral springs and water for their health care. Today doctors claim that there are certain, special qualities in the water. It is said that the minerals contribute to the prevention and therapy of things like kidney stones or arthritis. I don't know about that, but I can tell you this. If you try to drink the water...the taste makes you say "No thanks. I'll just stick to the bathing part"!

Happy Theme Thursday everyone!
Peace and love


Colette Amelia said...

Ahhh this looks so nice and inviting...a good soak sure sounds good!

Ronda Laveen said...

I love the mineral springs. There are many near where I live. They are usually located near geothermic activity. Great for soakin' not for drinkin.'

Mrsupole said...

That looks like a great village to live in. Oh the mineral spas are great. They have one about 30 miles from my house and is very expensive to spend the day there. But it is very nice to sit in the waters there.

Thank you for sharing I loved the pictures and the history of the Roman Baths. Oh they say they loved their baths.

God bless.

subtorp77 said...

Would I but long to visit here. To relax in the waters...forget about the troubles of the world...thank you for sharing this Marianna :)

The Clever Pup said...

Wonderful. Mineral springs, mineral baths, all great. Love the picture of your Mum's hometown. Wish we could erase the road.

Marianna said...

Hey all!

Colette Amelia: It does, doesn't it? It is relaxing and quite warm actually lol

Ronda Laveen: Well in my village the mineral water is drinkable, too lol Take care :-)

Mrsupole: You have to pay here too. Depends on the days and the spa you wanna go to :-) Glad you liked it lol

Subtorp77: I hope you can come someday and relax your mind from everything lol Thanks for stopping by :-)

The Clever Pup: The road kinda spoils it, eh? It is a lovely place lol

Happy TT!
Peace and love

Brian Miller said...

love the architecture. my mom always told me not to drink the bath water, especially if your brother was in there first...more than minerals!

Candie Bracci said...

wow that's just beautiful.Thanks for posting those beautiful pictures.:)

Marianna said...

Hey Brian! lol Wait till you taste this water. It is like eating a raw egg lol

Hey Candie lol Great to see you here!

take care you all!

Wings said...

Great way to tie the theme into something personal!

willow said...

Amazing photos! I loved this! Thank you.

Marianna said...

Wings: Thank you for dropping by and commenting! Peace and take care lol

willow: Thank you for your kind words lol

Happy Theme Thursday everyone lol

Dot-Com said...

I'm so glad to see someone else thought about water too :-)

Dakota Bear said...

I have always heard of Mineral Springs, but I had never seen them, thank you for sharing.

Megan said...

Oh, those Greeks and Romans! (Tee hee couldn't resist.)

I'd love to spend some time 'taking the waters' - what a nice place that looks to be.

meggie said...

In New Zealand we lived close to Rotorua, which has thermal baths & many hot springs. I would never try drinking it!

Marianna said...

Hey all!

Dot-Com: Yes I noticed that on your post too and commented the same thing...I think lol Take care :-)

Dakota Bear: Thank you for stopping by! Have a great day lol

Megan: Yes it is great fun to be in one of those spas...relaxation I tell you lol

Meggie: Well I should've said in the post that by drinking I mean that there is also a kind of faucet that people can go and fill bottles and stuff like that. No, drinking for the place where people bath...that wouldn't be nice lol

Take care
peace and love

reyjr said...

I love going to the spa! It's my only vice, lol.

And taking a dip in mineral water sounds interesting, i'd love to try it!

Marianna said...

Hey reyjr lol

Hope you can make it to my country someday and if you do...the spa can be one place you can visit :-)

Take care
peace and love

Kris said...

I'd go there in a flash!

tony said...

Yes! I know what you mean!In Harrogate they offer you "Spa Mineral Waters" which tastes&smell like Rotten Eggs!!!!!!

Pierrot said...

Those pictures make you closer,
we do not have thermal baths, so enjoy it also for us!
I'm hearing the songs on your blog, what a pleasure...

peace and love

Marianna said...

Kris: Wish you and your lovely family could go to this place. Who knows...maybe some day lol

Tony: That is EXACTLY right lol You understand what I am saying! Rotten eggs was the word I was looking for myself lol

Pierrot: Hey and thanks for visiting! Next visit I'll pay to this place will be dedicated to you all lol

Take care
peace and love

Squirrel said...

I've never had a real mineral bath at a spring. what I have missed in life. :(( And i'm a real bath person too!