Monday, March 23, 2009

New York State of Mind

I would love to see...the world!

Traveling is such a great think to do, beneficial in so many many wonderful ways. The mind broadens, images spin around in your head, new faces, languages, words, food, buildings, history, customs...I could go on and on really.

There are so many places I wanna (and plan to) visit (health and money permit)! To name a few: France-Paris, Portugal, Spain-Barcelona, Italy -Tuscany/Venice/Rome, Hong-Kong (my friend Chi-ho!!), Australia-Sydney, San-Francisco, California-LA, Hawaii-Honolulu (aloha :-), and these are JUST a FEW! Which places do you want to visit?

Today however, I am in a New York state of mind!

I wanted to upload a version of "new york state of mind" by Joanna Wang but...I couldn't do it (if someone has any idea of how to 'put' a single song here feel free to help me...please:-).

However, I found something sweet and beautiful made by a musician on YouTube, TheMoss101, from the UK. This is his piano version of Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind"!

Enjoy and have a great week lol
Peace and love


Brian Miller said...

nice. spent a week in NY years ago. hit the art museums, broadway for Les Mis. Was fun. would love to go back sometime.

Candie Bracci said...

Hello Marianna!

Yes travelling is great.

There are so many places I would love to go:New Orleans,New York,San Francisco.Visit some places in Canada,Japon,Norway,India,Iceland,New Zealand..lots of places I haven't been in my own country too and in the U.K and Ireland.Well everywhere I think I want to go!Too many!

Have a great day!

tony said...

the furthest West i have been is Boston USA.The furthest South-West =Cuba,The furthest East, Cyprus.The furthest South The Canaries/Morrocco.The furthest North, Denmark (Hamlet's Castle!)
I just want to expand those boundaries!!!!

Marianna said...

Hey all lol

Brian I can tell you right now that I am officialy...jealous :-) But I tell you I am jealous of all the people who've been to NY lol

Candie I am with you on that one. Too many places to see...who knows maybe someday lol Have a great day yourself!

Tony I love your way of seeing and putting it lol And the places you've seen are amazing!

Well let's see...the furthest north for me would have to be Manchester (or Liverpool-is it norther than Manchester?), the furthest south Crete-Greece, the furthest East Istanbul-Turkey and west Italy-Bari! I definitely need some expansion and soon!
Have a great day!

peace and love

Megan said...

"There are so many people to see. So many people you can check upon, and add to your collection..." - Elvis Costello.

Squirrel said...

Come and visit! We can walk among the skyscrapers in NYC and walk the earliest created miles of the Appalachian Trail in the same weekend!

Marianna said...

Megan: Thank you for the lovely quote. It captures the exact purpose and existence of this post! Take care and talk soon lol

Squirell: I am SO there!!!! You know it's one of my dreams to visit NY and when I do (because I will when I get the money lol)I wish your lovely offer'll still stand ;-) Till then...thank you for adding more 'images' to my dream. You're sweet to say that :-)

Take care you all
peace and love