Thursday, March 19, 2009

Theme Thursday-Vegetables (or Fruit-opia)

Fruitopia is a comic created in 1983 by Eugene Trivizas, a Greek children's books author. It goes like this...

Fruitopia is a land far far away, which borders with Eggnistan (in the west) and Pepperland (in the East). It is a land inhabited by fruit and vegetables. A land like no other. However this wasn't always the case...

The story behind the story
Back in the day, fruit and vegetables in Frutopia were under the rule and law of the greengrocers. However, it all started to change after the unexplained and sudden disappearance of Manolis, a well known and loved greengrocer.

Afraid that they were about to face the same fate, the rest of the greengrocers abandoned the country. The fruit and vegetables seized the golden opportunity, declared their independence, voted for Emilio the Apple to be their leader, organized an army (with Fonda the Tough Walnut) and swore they'd never let any greengrocer set foot in Frutopia again!

I grew up with this comic. It became a TV series hit when it came out back in the 80s and 90s. We would all sit and laugh with the adventures of the vegetables and fruit and the greengrocer's mysterious disappearance. For the record I think that the greengrocer was fine in the end, alive and well (maybe on vacation :-)

I leave you with the series' opening credits.

Happy Theme Thursday everyone!
Take care
peace and love


Candie Bracci said...

OMG!I love your post.thank you for that,love those stories,I didn't know about Frutopia.The video was so fun!And about the grocerer..LOL
Great fun post!

The Clever Pup said...

Hi Marianna,

I liked your post. In Canada (maybe US too) we have a fruity drink called Frutopia. I hope they credited the original writer somewhere.

subtorp77 said...

Marianna,I know not one word of Greek but I love the tune :)It's catchy! I cannot get it out of my head! Great post and I'll remember to stay away from Fonda the Tough Walnut!

Marianna said...

Hey all lol

Candie how are you? Glad you enjoed Frutopia. I sure did when I was a kid :-)

Hey The Clever Pup! I am not sure if Eugene Trivizas was the original writer (at least for the name). But he was creative, I give him credit for that! Glad you stopped by :-)

Subtorp77 hello and I KNOW!! We used to sing it all the time when we were young. it is catchy! Thanks for commenting lol

take care

tut-tut said...

Happy Vegetables to you! Great story. The final picture wouldn't load for me, though.

Megan said...

I'll be back after I get home fromm work - can't wait to view it! Sounds like a great story.

Leah said...

I love this, really really love it. I can't wait to show it to my husband when he gets home--he'll appreciate it too.

Colette Amelia said...

Sounds like great fun and much more organic than Ninja Turtles!


Evening Light Writer said...

Interestingly enough I did a children's book for my Theme Thursday post. Yours is way cooler than mine!

Megan said...

Oh, so cute. And yes, the song is bouncing around in my head! :)

Kris said...

I thought that fruitopia was a drink?

Cinnamon said...

What a whacky, crazy concept- what a hoot!

I love children's books :)

Mrsupole said...

I did not understand a word, but I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. The tune is now going through my head. I liked the puppets too. I bet it was fun to watch it as a child.

Is there an english translation to this. I think I would even enjoy it as an adult. My 5 year old granddaughter would probably watch it with me. But I think I would watch it by myself.

Great post. God bless.

Marianna said...

Tut-tut: hi lol It is probably the video that couldn't load. Maybe you can try again later :-) Thanks for stopping by!

Megan: hehe it is funny how so many people liked the song. It is quite catchy after all lol take care!

Leah: Glad you loved it! Hope your husband liked it too lol

Colette Amelia: Hello and thanks for your 'organic' comment lol Yes I quess that fruitopia and pesticides don't add up lol Take care!

Evening Light Writer: Hello and thanks for your nice comment. I am off to read your TT post!

Kris: yes it is! I guess in Greece it is...a TV serieslol Take care!

Cinnamon: Hello and happy TT! thanks for following and...yes it IS crazy eh? It was a hit though lol

Mrsupole: Hi! yes it was quite fan to watch! Now we show it to children at school sometimes and guess what...the teachers like it more lol

Ok the song says

"it is a city far away,
a fantastic city,
where fruit and vegetables live without people,
just them.

It is one, only one, there is no other...the dreamy frutopia!

There you can find onions that smell great and cabbages are strong!

it is one, only one, there is no other...the dreamy frutopia!

They live free,
without the greengrocer's shouts,
they enjoy themselves and they will never die off!"

or something like that! Hope you enjoyed it lol

take care
peace and love

Brian Miller said...

omg. amazing. love the balloon. Is that shameless marketing on it as well? nice. it just kept getting better...

Dakota Bear said...

Very nice, even though I couldn't understand the language, I found the video very entertaining.

Marianna said...

Hey Brian! Well considering the fact that this show was aired 20 or so years lol Take care and thanks for dropping by :-)

Hey Dakota Bear! Glad you liked it!

Take care you all. Have a great weekend!


tony said...

Did It Have A Flag? +It would be rather cool to have a Passport........! That would give UK Passport Control food for thought.......

subtorp77 said...

Marianna, please stop on by. I thank you so muc hfor your kind words! :)

Marianna said...

Thank you subtorp77! YOur card and word are sweet and honest! you put a smile on my face today lol

take care
peace and love

subtorp77 said...

Marianna, glad I can do that :)

peace and love to you; and a big hug!