Sunday, March 8, 2009

TAG...(6 things you...don't need to know about me :-)

OK I admit it...I LOVE blog games! I have been Tagged by Candie Bracci. Click on the name if you wanna visit her great blog!

Now the rules of this game...

1) Put the link of the person who tagged you on your blog
2) Write the rules
3) Mention 6 things or habits of no real importance about you
4) Tag 6 persons adding their links directly
5) Alert the persons that you tagged them

6 Things or habits (of no real importance) about me :-)

1) I love cold and snow and good a cloudy, rainy day. It makes my day and mood (I know what you are thinking--it's supposed to be the other way around--but it's just me:-)

2) I like going to the theatre (A LOT). If a play touches me I can go and re-watch it, no problem. My score is Bernard Slade's "Same Time Next Year" (4 times)...the last couple of times I didn't pay though (I had invitations for two:-).

3) I collect...things. The weirdest thing I have collected so far...bags (from shops I've shopped from or museums I've been to) during my one-year stay in Manchester/England (Don't ask).

4) I haven't watched Greek TV in two years now. One day I just...stopped watching. I prefer watching movies, and US TV series, when they come out on DVD. My favorites are LOST and House M.D.

5) When I was about 6 my father took me to the swimming pool to take swimming lessons. In one of these lessons I nearly drowned. Did that experience make me hate water? No. I continued my swimming lessons (for 9 years) and can't imagine living without the sea!

6) My father and mother share the same name: George and Georgia. My brother and I (almost) share the same birthday: 18th May (me), 21st May (bro) mum was born on May 30th!!

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed it...

Now I will TAG...Megan, Meggie, Coffee Messiah, Raymond De Felitta, Tony, Lisa.

I wish I could tag more but...we have to go by the book :-)

Take care now
peace and love


Candie Bracci said...

Thank you Marianna!

"6 things you don't need to know about me"lol

When I was young I almost died too in the sea,but just like you I still love it.

And about the weather,I do enjoy rain too sometimes especially in summer!There's a beauty in the rain I think,the smell of the grass,the sound especially at night when you sleep.Yeah I think we need rainy days sometimes.

Have a nice day!

tony said...

Thanks.It has been done!
Bestest Wishes

Marianna said...

Thank you for letting me play candie! I enjoyed it very much :-)

As I said in your blog...I loved your "tag" post! Most excellent Tony :-)

Take care you all!
peace and love

meggie said...

Very interesting. I will post later today, after I get my pendant.
We have been having rain, & it is always welcome here!

Megan said...

Your 'bag' collection made me giggle. I will do this, probably Wednesday or Friday, thanks for tagging me!

Coffee Messiah said...

Thanks for the nod. Something you should know: I've been doing this since '06. A music blog, political blog and now this one. I was tempted to quite a few months ago, as there are too many "things" to do and very little time to sit in front of the computer, since I also do so at my job scanning.

Long story short, I feel like I'm tied and have to perform everyday, and this takes the fun out of blogging.

I appreciate the award, but hope you can find someone newer to give it to.

Thanks and Cheers!

Marianna said...

Hey all!

Meggie: It is always nice when it rains, eh. Especially with the fires in Australia I can only imagine what a relief this must be :-) Waiting to read you TAG post :-)

Megan: Yes it is a long story, the bags, but I look at them now and always remember something from the day I used them. Weird, eh? Can not wait to read your Tag post :-)

Coffee Messiah: No worries :-) Thank you for the info though and sorry for the trouble.
Your tag spot is yours, up to you what you will do...thank you anyways :-)

take care you all
peace and love

Dot-Com said...

Must be some bag collection :-)

Coffee Messiah said...

m: Hey, sorry if it sounded negative, it wasn't meant to be. There's only so much time, as we all know and I never seem too motivated when asked to do these. Never have been and have received 3 others in the same week.

Thanks again and enjoyed reading yours!


Marianna said...

Hey again :-)

Dot-Com: You got me thinking now..if I should have a post with all these bags. Would be fan to see them :-)

CM: Don't worry...I didn't think of your comment as being negative. Honest would be the word I'd use :-) Anyways thanks for coming back and for saying these words, I appreciate it.

You know this is why I like blogger. I notice in some forums and other...sites that people are so mean to each other and I am like "we forgot that behind the computer there is a person, alive, with feelings and all". So far (in blogger) I haven't seen any kind of verbal abuse (I am speaking for my experience so far). Everybody is kind and...creative!

Coffee...your comment inspired me :-)

Take care now
peace and love