Thursday, February 26, 2009

Play with me!

Happy theme Thursday everyone!

I wish I could say that the toy in the picture is the first dolly I ever got as a present. Well it is not (though it looked like it :-). It is a doll given to me, 3 years ago, by a good friend of mine, to remind me that when I need a hug and someone to lean on, I can turn to this doll. It would be my 'hug' every time I needed a friend and he wasn't around.

I had it on a drawer hidden and forgotten, somewhere. This Theme Thursday made me look for it and remember the story behind it. I dedicate this "big hug" to everyone who wishes to remain young at heart! Toys may be for children but they are also for adults who have never forgotten what it felt like to play, to 'built' castles and stories, to fight imaginary wars with the sole purpose of good prevailing over evil.

Remember to 'play' with your children, nieces, nephews, the kid next door more often...those are the moments that a child will remember when he/she grows up.

A big hug to all!


mouse (aka kimy) said...

i'm so happy that theme thursday prompted you to pull this dolly out of the drawer. i think it is very affirming to have toys around us. sometimes toys can act as helpful, sweet talisman and remind us of people that we love and also the importance of always being young at heart!

lovely post!

Dakota Bear said...

I have one of those Hug Me toys also.

Two years ago two oldest daughters gave me a Create a Bear and they put a button inside that says I love you in their voices when I squeeze it.

Avid Reader said...

I know I was given a doll every Christmas, but the only toys I recall with great love are a red fire truck I had that I carried around like other kids carry a security blanket or teddy bear. And a plush lamb toy named "Lamb."

Avid Reader said...

Dakota's bear sounds good.

tut-tut said...

A big hug to you, too!

Candie Bracci said...

I love the way you write like I would love to say it was my first doll I think that doll is so nice and yeah i do agree with you,we need to remember the child we have inside and smile and laugh more.Kids are amazing.
Great post

runmotman said...

hugs back at ya

Cinnamon said...

Thank you for the hug Marianna - here's one back to you xox.

Megan said...

I wish to remain young at heart.

Big hug right back to you, my dear!

Kris said...

Does the doll ever tell you "not tonight dear, I have a headache"?

Marianna said...

hey you all! Glad to see that my hug arrived to its destination!
mouse: thank you and yes toys equal joy:-)

Dakota Bear: so nice to know about you and your daughters. it is sweet!

Avid Reader: funny what you say about the fire truck :-)

tut-tut: thank you!

Candie Bracci: thank you! Big hug to u!

runmotman: thank you for visiting!

Cinammon: thank you! xoxo

Megan: it is not how one looks but how one feels! Rock on and I am with you on that!

Kris: ALL THE TIME!!!! I mean...what is up with that!! xoxo

happy theme thursday everyone!
Take care
peace and love

Ronda Laveen said...

What a thoughtful friend! The sentiment behind the doll is wonderful. Thanks for finding a letting it see the light.=

subtorp77 said...

My Mother's room is full of stuffed toys and a few dolls similar to this one, Marianna. A great big hug for you 8^). Very nice post!

Cuppa Jo said...

That's wonderful. We should all have toys and friends like this...wearing a bright tee shirt with the words 'hug me' on it!

Mrsupole said...

A big hug back to you.

One year one of my younest sisters gave us a class in how to "hug" the correct way.

What I remember is that you always rub up and down on the person's back. You never pat them. That can hurt someone. Rubbing always feels good to the person getting the hug.

So I always try to rub and never pat.

So your "hug" comes with a rub on the back. I hope it feels good.

Thanks for visiting. And yes was a long post. So many memories.

See you again soon.

Marianna said...

So many great bloggers and great comments!

Hey Ronda L! thank you for commenting!

subtorp77: big hug :-)

Cuppa Jo: it would be nice, wouldn't it?

MrSupole: I do that. I love to rub. I always thought that patting is...well not very friendly. But you this warm feeling eh? Thanks and a big hug (with a rub to u2:-)

Squirrel said...

It's true, kids do cherish some fun time with adults ~ my aunts were all rather standoffish and that hurt my feelings, but my godmother was very affectionate and spent time with me, doing kid crafts and such. My favorite memories are times with my parents.

Marianna said...

Squirrel: hello! So nice have many great childhood memories :-) Proves my point that children do remember the moments they spend with their folks. Thanks for commenting!

tony said...

A Big Hug Back! Beautiful Doll! I like Kimy's word "Talisman"! Yes! Thats what toys are
Sorry for the late reply ! I,m rubbish at dates! Its Theme-Sunday in my mind!!!!!

Marianna said...

Hey Tony! Glad you stopped by. Don't worry it is never late for a theme Thursday comment :-)

Take care now
peace and love