Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It is never too late to post a...delayed entry

I was so caught up in the activities of the past weekend (taking an exam for a permanent teaching job:-) and I realised that I have postponed some things that I wished to put up here. Since it is never too late...here they go.

Thanks to Meg and her beautiful blog I took part in a rather joyful blog game...the "interview me", game like, blog activity where one blogger sends 5 questions to another blogger and he/she answers them on his/her blog. I found it an interesting and great way to get to know each other a little better. So I did my share by letting Meg interview me (for my interview click here) and I also was the interviewer for two other fellow bloggers.

The first interview was for the great screenwriter, director, musician Raymond De Felitta, whose interview can be seen here. If you haven't watched his movies you better hurry. I recommend my favorite so far, 'the thing about my folks' and his new film that is bound to come out (hopefully soon) with Andy Garcia and Julianna Margulies, which is called "City Island"! if you haven't visited his blog you should take a look. Educational, informative, fun to watch, historical, 'musical' (a few words that come to mind and characterize it).

The second interview was with my good blog friend, Jodi, who is a working mother with a great big happy family and two adorable children. Her blog can be seen here and her interview is quite interesting so go there in a 'click' second!

It is great that via blogs people from all around the world get together, share and realise the creativity, they didn' t know existed, in this vast and great world we live in. I think of several bloggers that I would most definitely want to read the answers to their interviews. If you wish to participate just comment on this post by saying "interview me" and will e-mail you asap! join in and have fun :-)

Meanwhile I give you a picture of a radio station's microphone (my 'link' to the listeners on my radio show). Since this interview game is an interview without physically seeing the other person, one could say that it is much rather like an on-air interview without...sound! The blogs are our 'microphones' so...let's have fun!

Take care now
peace and love

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interestings! and thanks for the inks!