Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Rear Window"

So I am home with the flu, haven't been out of the apartment for...3 days now(!!) and the only thing left for me to do, actually, is...stare out the window and think...

While sitting and starring (and coughing:-) I remembered something, someone I know, said to me once. "I believe that there is a 'Peeping Tom' hidden in all of us" he said. "Oh come on" I responded..."first of all define 'Peeping Tom' and second of all...what do you mean by that?". "Well" he said "take movies for instance...isn't that a way of 'looking' into somebody else's life, from a distance, in the safety of your couch. Isn't this a way of satisfying our need of knowing and taking a glimpse through the peephole, without feeling guilty that we are doing something wrong?"

OK, I don't remember how this conversation ended but I remembered 'Peeping Tom' now that I'm looking out of my window. I see all these apartments around me and the parallel lives of people living next to me. I see a woman putting her son down to sleep and I smile (such a pretty site), I see a man in his kitchen preparing dinner (wonder what it is-I'm a bit hungry), I see a...omg I am the 'Peeping Tom' my friend was talking about!!

OK maybe I'm not but you got my point. To prove my friend's point though I got the perfect man with the perfect story...Alfred Hitchcock said it before me and better than me. Here is the story of a man 'trapped' in his house with a broken leg (like me with the flu!). What he does to spend his time? He looks out the window. What he sees? Things that are beautiful, strange, funny, sad, interesting, bad, sweet, lonely. He glimpses at life unfolding, through the frame of his window (well he solves a murder case while he is at it but remember...that is why they are called movies ;-)

So what's happening outside your window?

Take care now
peace and love


Candie Bracci said...


I hope you'll get better soon. for what's happening here,not much.I'm not that curious about what people are doing but I do look around sometimes of course like everyone.The only thing that I can refer to is that old man in his house,yes because there are buildings but before that,there were houses,and now the poor people are surrounded by lots of buildings.That man was sitting in his garden once,he was talking alone just like he was praying or talking to someone who wasn't there anymore.It was so beautiful and of course has inspired me a poem.Otherwise,there are factories around too and oh yeah,one thing very nice:aeroplanes.No not an airport but aeroplanes,you know the one you take some rides or pilot lessons.Cool,I love to watch that and would love to have a ride one day,although poor pilot as I'm gonna shout in his ears for the whole ride,lol..
Otherwise,another thing that's cool,is that you can see the mountains,never far,it's not so bad after all.

Get well

Marianna said...

Hey CB!

Thank you for your 'get well' wishes! Oh I love your description of what is happening outside! I like to watch airplanes when they land :-)

lol It is so noce that you are not afraid of flying...I am a bit!

Waiting for your next poem!!

Take care
peace and love

meggie said...

Hope you are feeling better.
I draw my curtains for that very reason. I hate the thought that I might be spied upon, unawares. There may be a bit of voyuerism in all of us, but I dont want to be the 'picture'!

Marianna said...

hey meggie!

I know what you mean. I think that sometimes myself. Colored curtains are my choice as well!

take care
peace and love

disa said...

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