Thursday, February 5, 2009

theme thursday=statue

I thought a lot about this theme. Made me think about all the possible statues-landmarks that can be found in my hometown or in Greece in general. Their history or anything special or worth saying about them. However, I knew there was something that I was forgetting...two days later it hit me!

So I am in Crete (the biggest of the Greek islands) on holiday with my university girlfriends! We are strolling down the street, by the sea, amongst the tourists (it was August 2006). Suddenly we came across a huge building that used to be a church and it was now used for exhibitions about art...something like a museum.

We noticed people standing outside the beautiful building, admiring a Greek ancient statue. We figured it was something worth watching and photographing, so we took the above shot. It was late at night so I will help you with a closer look...

It looked so real and it was like the statues that one could find on the Acropolis, decorating the Parthenon! So we had to get close and take a better photo of the statue. It wasn't until we went close and stood there to take the picture, that we realised it was in fact...a person posing and standing still!

Remember was late at night, dark and...well I am out of excuses :-)

That' s it. This is my first "theme Thursday" post. I hope it' s relevant to the subject and that you enjoyed it! Till next Thursday...

take care
peace and love


Coffee Messiah said...

How surprising, eh?

Had a chance to go to Greece many years ago, but was afraid to go, since I did not speak the language.

A friend went and ended up staying at a families house and was treated so well, they went back again and was a part of the family ; )

Never worry about what you post, that's part of the fun, to see another perspective on the theme ; )


Cinnamon said...

I have seen these mime artists- or statue artists too- how can they stand so still for so long?

tut-tut said...

I was in Greece as a student; I felt at home, because so many people thought I WAS Greek. I kept getting asked directions!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

wonderful tale....thanks for playing theme thursday! and as coffee says the whole point of theme thursday is to have fun and to build community.... it is really exciting to see how people approach the same word....

I would love to visit greece someday.... ahhhhh....

Marianna said...

Thank you for the comments. Glad to see that you love Greece or even that you got to spent time here! The truth is that we are famous for our hospitality and warmth (or I would like to think that we are:-)

Theme Thursday really made my...Thursday and I got to visit all these great blogs! So till next time...

Take care
peace and love

Candie Bracci said...

cool,that's original.

I would have been so scared if I have thought it was a statue and then,started moving,lol.And it's dark too where she is.But it's really beautiful.

Megan said...

This is a great post for Theme Thursday!

Did you find out why she was posing there?

Kris said...

Very spooky.

simstone said...

Did you see anyone pinching or touching the sculpture artist as she was standing in the cove? I wonder if she ever laughed?

Marianna said...

Goodmorning you all!

Megan: Thank you for your comment! To tell you the truth no...we asked around but nobody seemed to know about her and the reason for doing it. I guess art never needs a reason, right?

Simstone: Wellcome to my blog. yes there were people coming close to her and putting their faces in front of hers but she was...just standing still. Everyone would take a close up photo of her :-)

Kris: Thank you for visiting and yes...very spooky :-)

Megan said...

I tried to "follow" your blog but I got an error message. I will keep trying, though!

Marianna said...

hey Megan!

I added the "follow this blog" gadget but seems like you made it!

thank you for following

till next time
take care

tony said...

Crete Is A Beautiful Island.Hey! Maybe I was one of the tourists!!!!:)

Lisa Allender said...

I will be following your blog. I found you at the blog,Coffee Messiah, which I found through Georg's blog, Washing Without Getting Wet, who I found through, well, you get the idea..
Peace & Opa!
find me, Lisa Allender, at:
Open Salon

A.Decker said...

I don't generally resort to the lingo of today's youth, but that's awesome!

disa said...

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