Thursday, February 12, 2009

Theme Thursday=fish

I'm living in a country surrounded by the sea. Thus I feel a special connection They are everywhere in our lives, habits and culture. Aquariums, taverns featuring fresh fish (yummy), lots of fishing boats (with interesting names) at the docks or ports and many many more. One thing I always found interesting when it comes to the subject though, is our sayings and proverbs (I am translating from Greek so bear with me :-)

1. "A Fish Stinks From the Head" (gr: Το ψάρι βρομάει από το κεφάλι)
- Meaning that the decomposition and corruption of an organism or group of people starts from the "head" i.e the leadership. This proverb is quite popular in the Balkans.

2. "If you are not soaked and wet up to your neck, you don't get to eat fish"
- As in "no pain, no gain".

3. "Eat fish with your eyes" (gr: φάτε μάτια ψάρια)
(This third is related to the cartoon above but I ended up being kinda lost in translation :-)

- Meaning that if one can't afford and acquire what he/she wants or needs (for various reasons), one can only look and not touch. As in a person who is hungry and can not eat, he tries to relief his hunger just by looking at the fish. It would be interesting to know the origins of this proverb. Since Greece has been through many wars and hardships and poverty in the past, I believe that people were trying to 'entertain' their hunger.

Finally there is this beautiful aquarium we have in Crete (Heraklion). This is a video I found on YouTube (made by freddy71165) that describes it better than words...Enjoy and relax (I find the music to be so calming).


Coffee Messiah said...

Interesting to read all this about your country and glad you are joining in!


Candie Bracci said...

Nice post.Yes,I have too that special connection with fish

Cinnamon said...

Ah, that was beautiful- the turtle was so cute. It got me wondering..can fish hear music???

Megan said...

Great work with the translation and I really liked your further fishing into the meanings of the proverbs!

I am being sneaky and reading from work, so I will have to come back and look/listen to the video later tonight.

Happy Theme Thursday!

Marianna said...

Hello everyone, so great it is Thursday again!

Coffee Messiah: I am more glad that I found wonderful blogs like yours and Theme Thursday. It is great fun!

Candie Bracci: they are great, aren't they ;-)

Cinnamon: I am not sure...once I heard something about vibrations and fish and I have to tell wasn't so good for them :-)

Megan: thank you, glad you liked it! I hope the music will relax you, it worked on me :-)

Take care now

mouse (aka kimy) said...

thanks for sharing these wonderful proverbs and giving the translations, otherwise they'd just be greek to me.....

loved the vid, the fish are so expressive, I kind of feel a little guilty because I really do like to eat these critters.....isn't that awful....well except for icelandic rotted shark - they can keep that fish! thanks for playing along! it's nice having you in the cyberhood!!!

Megan said...

YES, I enjoyed the music very much!!

Kris said...

Well done! I know the first one as "a fish rots from the head", but I like "stinks" better.

Marianna said...

Hey all,

Kimy thank you for following! Your comment made me laugh :-) I love Theme Thursday, so many creative people!

Chris thanks for bearing with me on the translations. Actually I like yours better ;-)

Take care
peace and love

Avid Reader said...

I missed this post-- most excellent !