Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Saturday night...(greek) fever"

So Saturday night is finally here.

When I was a student in high school I remember that Saturday night and coffee with friends was a BIG deal. Of course it wouldn't be a Saturday night out without the usual..."curfew", the "if it is 00:05 do not bother coming in the house!" or Mum sleeping on the sofa, waiting, pretending that she is reading an, up-side-down, book :-)

I remember all that today while getting ready to go out with my friends. I am meeting them in a few hours, in a Greek taverna (you know lots of meat, ouzo and opa-if you know what I mean). I am all grown up now (no need to ask for permission). However, I usually try to take these trips down memory lane, trying not to forget what it was like when I was a kid (helps me in my job, to get into my students' shoes, to remember how it was when I was their age:-)

Good times...

I wish you have a pleasant weekend and enjoy your nights out or in, with family or friends, alone or with a company. Try to treasure the moments cause they only last...for a moment. As for all the wonderful, hard-working parents out your children and the trust will come back to you (at least that is what my parents did...sort of :-)

This is a great video I found on youtube...does it make you wanna dance?


Lisa Allender said...

Hi Marianna--makes me want to jump into the video you provided--and sit at a cafe', have some coffee/ouzo, and yes! Dance, Dance, Dance!

Marianna said...


glad you liked the video...seems like you know some things about Greece. Have you ever been here?

take care
peace and love

Megan said...

YES it makes me want to dance!

I live in a district of Los Angeles that has a large Greek-American population (among others!) and there are several restaurants and cafes nearby that I need to start visiting more regularly. The food is wonderful.

Marianna said...

that is great!

Say hi to all felow greeks there and eat a souvlaki for me (yammy)!


Coffee Messiah said...

I have 2 left feet ; (


disa said...

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