Thursday, April 2, 2009


Happy tenth week anniversary Theme Thursday!

What first came to mind after seeing today's theme was...numerology. I remembered a few months back I came across an article on numerology and it was fun learning about all these different interpretations of numbers and what they stand for. I remember reading that a first and loose interpretation of number '10' in numerology is 'rebirth'.

So Theme Thursday came full circle and is about to be reborn in a way...for new, interesting, worldwide adventures. I am glad I' m a part of this blogging adventure. Theme Thursday gave me the opportunity to 'meet' fellow bloggers from all around the world and I am thankful for that. In Greece we say "to deka to kalo" meaning "ten a good number" (literally). Metaphorically it means that something good has come your way...Theme Thursday is my "good number ten"!

To all the fellow bloggers out there, I dedicate the following instrumental song performed by a Greek band. The title is "to deka to kalo" so it is perfect for the occasion...

Take care
Peace and love


Candie Bracci said...

Thank you Marianna for bringing up such an interesting subject.
Yes rebirth.In tarology too all tens are the end of a cycle and with the ace a new start.This is really interesting.Very nice thoughts here.
Have a lovely day lovely soul
Much love and peace for you too.

Brian Miller said...

great post. thanks for the song as well. i love thursdays and getting to see everyone's take on the theme. always filled with great pictures, stories, some that make me laugh, others cry. so here's to rebirth at 10 and many adventures still to come.

Mariane said...

The song is very good it give energy for the day ! Nice post, see you next thursday for another adventure ! :o)

Marianna said...

Hello my fellow bloggers lol

Candie: You are sweet as always. Thank you for the kind words and the fact that you know numerology is great lol

Brian Miller: I feel the same way on Thursdays lol take care and see you on our next adventure!

Marianne: Hello and thank you for your words. Take care and can't wait on another...blogging adventure :-)

Take care you all

Wings said...

Great post! Thursdays have become something for me to look forward to, as well. :)

tony said...

Thank You Marianna .Another good thing about Theme Thursday is the chance to meet nice people like You. X

Colette Amelia said...

It is indeed fun to meet everyone! thanks for the great post!

willow said...

I love the concept of rebirth at any stage in life. Nice post.

Marianna said...

Wings: Hey there and thank you for dropping by lol Take care :-)

Tony: Right back at you!! Thank you for your kind words and I feel the same way lol

Colette Amelia: Hello and thank you for the kind comment lol

Willow: yeah I never thought numerology could be...interesting, but it is lol

Take care you all
Peace and love

Dakota Bear said...

Cheery upbeat song makes me want to dance.

Roy said...

I really liked the music! What do Greeks call the instrument that gentleman was holding in his lap, that very zither-like stringed thing that he plucked with all 10 fingers (like that little connection?)? I know that in Arab countries it's called a qanun, and in Iran and Hungary it's struck with little hammers instead of plucked with fingers and is called a santur (in Iran) or a cembalom (in Hungary).

Marianna said...

Roy: We call it santouri! I was waiting for someone to comment on that lol Thank you for the info on the other names this instrument has lol

Dakota Bear: ROck on lol

Take care all

Dot-Com said...

Liked the song!

Leah said...

Absolutely thoroughly enjoyed the Greek instrumental! Thanks for posting it!

Ronda Laveen said...

I am so glad you touched on numerology. I almost covered it but changed my mind. The music is a 10. Happy TT.

Marianna said...

Dot-Com: Happy you enjoyed the song lol

Leah: Thank you for your kind words and for following lol take care

Ronda Laveen: Yea it kinda was the first thing that came to my mind lolHappy TT to u2!

take care all

lettuce said...

great youtube, i enjoyed that thanks

Cinnamon said...

Hi Marianna!

I απολαμβάνουν τη μουσική. Σε ευχαριστώ.

Jaime said...

numerology... why didn't i think of that? enjoyed the song

Mrsupole said...

Thank you for the greek song, I really enjoyed it. I do not know anything about instruments, but they looked interesting and not the kind I see here.

Yes, I too look forward to Thursday and visiting with everyone. I love everyone I have met here. They are the best.

God bless.

Squirrel said...

Rebirth sounds just right for the world right now.

thanks for the youtube!!!!

Megan said...

Marianna! YOU are a 10! And it is exactly 10 PM right now in Los Angeles! Wow!

Great song and thanks for the info on the instrument, I was going to ask, as well.

Happy, happy Thursday and I'll see you on the in-between days too, I hope!

Marianna said...

Lettuce: Hi there lol Happy you enjoyed it (opa!) xoxo

Cinnamon: Παρακαλώ! Δεν ήξερα ότι μιλάς ελλήνικά lol Thank you for the surprising (and unexpected) comment! Φιλιά από Ελλάδα!

Jaime: Hi there. Thank you for visiting lol

Mrsupole: Some are 'traditional' instruments used in folk songs only lol Glad you enjoyed it!

Squirrel: Rebirth for the world is just about right. We live in difficult times...that is true lol

Megan: Hey there! Thank you for my 10 lol Funny coincidence the time one, haha! I'll definitely CU on the in-between days!

take care you all
Thank you for your great comments
Peace and love

Baino said...

Marianna I've tried to view your blog many times but my awful internet wouldn't let me . .now I have superfast! *squeeee* and you're right I love the Theme Thursday's I've met some wonderful blogpals through it and the topics are so diverse . . .Thanks for visiting and I'll slip you into Reader from now on!

meggie said...

Music is always welcome. thanks for sharing.

Coffee Messiah said...

There's a Greek restaurant we go to whenever we are in Lafayette Indy-anna that is run and has been run by a greek couple for many years, We just found out about it a few years ago. They are always playing various groups of greek music and it's always a pleasure to eat and chat with them. Although they've seen us enough, they still are surprised we do not take any suger with our greek coffee ; )


mary said...

Love the music - thank you . And happy to have found you through this theme. I think this year is a ten for me and for our country . Thanks for the prospective

mouse (aka kimy) said...

what a lovely post!! and thank you for the beautiful song....

I agree it is so wonderful to be part of the theme thursday community!!

ten is such a good number!!

Marianna said...

Baino: Thank you for your kind words and for adding me to your reading list! Off to read your blog lol Oh and happy you got your internet speed up lol

Meggie: Hello!! Thank you for stopping by and glad you liked the song! Take care lol

Coffee Messiah: Please next time you are in the restaurant say a gia sou (hi in greek) to the owners from me lol Oh and drink a retsina too lol I drink my greek coffee without sugar too!

Mary: hello and thank you for stopping by lol I'll 'cu' around :-)

Mouse: Yes ten is definitely a great number lol Take care xoxo

Peace and love

Kris said...

But who would win a fight between 10 and TEN?

Marianna said...

Hey Kris. That would be...Ten-Ten lol lol

Have a great weekend :-)

Auntie, aka cagny said...

i love numerology.
thank you for the share.

Pierrot said...

Brings me up a pre-dinner the piano, wings the jazz out from house...

have nice

Cinnamon said...

Hi Marianna!

Please collect your kind blogger award from my side bar :)- because you are such a gentle, kind and encouraging soul :)

Marianna said...

Auntie: Hey there! Glad you enjoyed numerology (though I did not go 'deep' into the subjectlol)

Pierrot: Jazz and piano are really something, eh!? Enjoy and thank you lol

Cinnamon: I have no words. Thank you very very much for this award. I will 'wear' proudly and happily lol

Take care you all!
Peace and love