Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Break and...a "hallelujah"!

It is funny how one can wait for a holiday or a break from work and then when it comes...well one finds his/her hands with much more things to do (like me!). It is our Easter break (and weekend) now in Greece and I hear people (especially with stores) talking about how much work they have had in the past few days and how tired they are. One even told me .."I wish holidays are over soon so we"! I never realised what he was talking about till I saw my blog updates...none. I even missed out on Theme Thursday :-(

Well that is life, c' est la vie, ce sera sera (OK I stop now:-)

I wish you all to have a great, happy and good Easter and an unforgettable weekend!! Off to read as many remarkable blogs as I can. A song that has been on my mind these days...sing along if you know it!

Take care
Peace and love


Baino said...

Easter was last weekend for us? Yours must be the Orthodox Easter so enjoy your break and i LOVE that song. Even when gravelly old Leonard Cohen sings it!

Brian Miller said...

lovely vid and song. have a great easter and break. take care to enjoy it.

Marianna said...

Baino: hello lol Yes it is the Orthodox Easter and yes I love that song too! I don't mind who is singing it as long as it lol Take care now :-)

Brian: Glad you enjoyed it too. Thank you for the kind words and I will try to have a great time :-) Take care now!

Peace and love

Dot-Com said...

Late for an Easter break, isn't it? Not that I had much of one at all - the only day off here is Easter Monday, though pubs are closed on Good Friday!

Marianna said...

Hello Dot-Com!

Well you know us Greeks...we love having...days off. If there isn't one we...invent it! But the Orthodox Easter break is a whole other deal...quite a lot going on here these days :-)

Take care now
Peace and love

tony said...

A Leonard Cohen Song! Beautiful.Have A Wonderful Break.Besteset Wishes From Tony.x

Marianna said...

Hello Tony! How is (or was) your trip? Hope you are having a great time :-) greetings from Greece lol

take care now
peace and love

Candie Bracci said...

Hiya marianna,I was wondering where you've been!Happy Easter to you darling!Have a nice weekend!

Marianna said...

hey Candie lol
Yes it was a crazy week and I missed out on blogging! But I'm back!
Have a great week yourself!
Peace and love

Mrsupole said...

Oh my can that woman sing. I love that song and am going to have to find more of her songs on YouTube.

It gave me chills listening to it.
Thank you for sharing this. I loved it.

God bless.

disa said...