Sunday, April 5, 2009

An award, a bloggathon and...well that's it :-)

Another Sunday gone. In less than an hour a 'newborn' week will take it's first...minutes in my part of the world. I'll start my week with a bloggathon and a big smile, provoked by the kindness of a fellow blogger :-)

They say that in order to receive you have to give. First I'll tell you what I've received and then maybe try to give something back. Let's see...

Today I have received kindness when I least expected it. A wonderful and remarkable fellow blogger, Cinnamon (which by the way is my favorite of all spices lol), offered me the following "kind blogger award", which I accepted with great joy.

The difficult part though was how to figure out to which 4 bloggers to pass it on. At first I figured it's too hard and can't do it...there are so many many kind bloggers out there I wish to give it to! Then I thought that the 4 blogs I will pass the award on, will pass it on to 4 other blogs (each). S0 this means 16 more blogs will get it! Now (after clearing my conscience) I am happy to give this award to the following kind fellow bloggers...

Jodi (Thank you for everything you've done. It's been great 'meeting' you)

Tony (Thank you for being such a kind soul lol)

Lenola Daily Photo (I like the way you 'view' the world)

Subtorp77 (Thank you for the kindness you showed me)

Please pass it on to 4 more bloggers lol

Now on the 'giving' part of this post...

I have been a proud reader of Raymond De Felitta's blog. He is a director/musician/screenwriter from New York and he recently finished filming his movie "City Island" with Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies (and many other talented actors). Some of you living in NY may already know what I am about you to!

I live far far away and don't know anyone (personally) living in, or the areas around and near, NY. I do, however, know that many of you, my dear fellow bloggers, come and blog from this (beautiful) part of the world. So in my attempt to participate in a peculiar bloggathon, I will post the link to a blog entry...If you wish to know how you can help Raymond and 'City Island' just click here...and you're there!

I leave you with a clip from the backstage of City Island. Let Andy Garcia entertain you and have a great week lol

Peace and love


Megan said...

I will certainly check it out, thanks!

Have a lovely week (but watch out for zombies)! :)


tony said...

Thank You XX
I shall Wear With Pride & pass it on through my next Post.Have a Good Day today. x Tony.

Marianna said...

Hey all lol

Megan: Thank you. It'll mean a lot if you pass the link on to people you know that live in the area :-)

Tony: You deserve it :-) Thank you for everything lol

Have a great week!
peace and love

Lenola Daily Photo said...

Hi Marianna we are very grateful, the attention you convey towards our blog make us too proud.
This kind of support is an important boost to continue exploring new ways of rappresentation.
Seeing that LDP it’s already into ‘dailyphoto circuit we’ll make out to go ahead with the awards inside it.

Thanks over again


edward said...

hello, i don't get much time on the computer. i stopped by to say congrats you are a kind blogger.

meg said...

Thanks for sharing Andy!
Congrats on your Award too!

Marianna said...

Lenola: Thank you! Your blog is inspiring and wonderful and you deserve it :-)

Edward: Hello and thanks for stopping by! lol

Meg: Hey Meg! Andy is great isn't he lol

Take care you all lol
Peace and love

Mrsupole said...

Hi Marianna,
Thank you for sharing the music, it looks like he was ready to start on another song. I am trying to think if I have seen him play on something else. My brain cells have left me for some reason. Sigh.

Congrats on the award, you were thinking like I did, give it out to a few, and then they give it out to more and then so on and so on. There are so many kind bloggers out there and I hope that everyone gets it. You are such a kind blogger and deserve this.

God bless.

subtorp77 said...

Marianna from you comes number two( the first from Mrsupole and #3 from Candie ) so I combine all three for one! Many happy thanks for this tired old sailor :)

Marianna said...

Mrsupole: Thank you. You are so kind to say these words to me! Take care now...

subtorp77: You deserve all three of them lol Thank you for being such a kind blogger :-)

Peace and love