Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Sorry seems to be the hardest word"...

Hello my fellow blogers!

I am officially back on track...the damage control on my good old laptop has been made, the weekend is over. Back to work tomorrow and a new week is about to begin. There is something that has been bothering me for sometime now and I wanna let it out, so here it goes...

Have you ever had the opportunity to have a random acquaintance, an encounter with a complete stranger that made a difference in your way of thinking?

The truth is that we are all travellers and visitors on this rock that we call Earth. We create our own small world. We interact with the people we wanna interact, let out as many information as we want about us, sleep, eat, love and care about certain things and people. Or at least this was the case until...the internet came into our lives and marked our little worlds for good. Now it is the time we all realise that 'it's a small world after all' (and the realisations keep on coming)!

I had an on-line 'encounter' a few months back, with a person that made me realise one thing. Sometimes we forget that behind the PC, there is a real life human being, with feelings. That behind the buttons and the clicks there is a person like you and me...the anonymity makes it hard to remember sometimes but it is there, it is true and when you forget can hit you in the face.

I wanna say an 'I'm sorry' and a 'thank you' to that fellow human being. A sorry for the way I acted and a thank you because I realised many things about myself from our little encounter. I know I am not perfect (nobody is), I make mistakes...but the best thing about mistakes is that you can correct them, learn from them and...move on! This is a post I wanted to write so that I can look back at it and remember that a stanger someday, somewhere in the sphere we call 'the net' made me realise that there is more to it than just kilobites and pixels.
It is a great, big net-world :)

This song is for you fellow stranger (wherever you are)...and for you fellow bloggers!

Have a great week you all!
Peace and love


Baino said...

Ah Marianne that is so true. Fortunately I've come to know almost all of my commenters pretty well despite having never met them and the only person I've offended via the blog is my sister! (Alas I did speak the truth and she didn't care for it too much). And basically I am ruled by the tenet that a stranger is a friend you have yet to meet!

Marianna said...

Baino that is exactly what I was thinking!

The truth is that we feel comfortable about speaking the truth to a person close to us...

But you are right Baino...a stranger is a friend we have yet to meet (or in my case a friend I've lost before I even got the chance to meet). C'est la vie!

Thank you
Have a great week

tony said...

Yes.I Agree.Everything Here is just as Real as anywhere else.Well Said Marianne!

Megan said...

Yep. We are all here and we are real as can be!

How good of you to apologize. (I have had to do that, as well.)

Have a wonderful week! Still Sunday evening here, but Monday is coming around the bend all too soon...

Brian Miller said...

great post. one many of us should probably have written at some point. it says a lot about you to follow through with this. glad to have run into you here in the "real world". peace.

Marianna said...

Tony: Thank you for your kind comment comment. I needed it :)

Megan: Yes I feel lighter somehow...I guess it is true what they say about talking and sharing eh?! Thank you!

Brian: I am grateful to have 'met' you and everyone in our little blog-world :) It is always nice to know you are not alone!

Take care you all
Have a great day!
Peace and love

Candie Bracci said...

Beautiful words Marianna and true and I know what this is and that song?well..that song..a while ago was running in my head eveyday and morning when I woke up for more than a week!Strange but not stranger!Have a beautiful day :)

Marianna said...

Hey Candie how was the UK? lol

Hope you had a wonderful time :)
It is a great song, isn't it! Enjoy and have a great week my dear!

take care
peace and love

Pierrot said...

So romantic,
but romanticism seems to be too old human behaviour.

I just was watching a japanese documentary,
they well know what means to be robot...
it could be so hard the future.

Pessimistic day, raining hardly blowing wind and...Wow marianne great post!

Marianna said...

Hey Pierrot!

I love the way you describe what it is going on around you. I put your images and Elton J together and...magic indeed!

Thank you :)
Peace and love

meggie said...

Good post! I snapped at a man on the phone, & later it just ate away at me, the fact that I had been so rude.
So, I picked up the phone & rang him back to apologise. He was gracious enough to accept my apology, & to also tell me it takes a lot of courage to say "Sorry". It did, but I sure felt better for having done it!

Marianna said...

Hi Meggie!

Great story...with a happy ending! It was so nice of you to apologise :)

Thanks for sharing!
Peace and love

Dot-Com said...

A world of its own sometimes, the good old internet. But real people for sure. A good reminder though!

Marianna said...

Hey Dot-Com! It is a strange world isn't it?

Take care now

Mrsupole said...

I hope this means your computer is fixed and working again. I am hoping mine is too.

I try so hard to teach my grandkids to say the word sorry and to actually mean it. Sometimes I think this is one of our most important words to say to everyone. I do not understand why some people cannot say it, but I know sometimes it can be hard for us to do this. You said it so wonderfully. I hope the person it is meant for does see it. You are such a special person, at least you are to me.

God bless.

Marianna said...

Hello Mrsupole! It is hard as it is hard to forgive and forget. But it is worth the try, eh?

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words :)

Peace and love