Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is this suit-case gonna travel far? (A Theme Thursday Post)

What's in (as in "what's in a name")? If it is a suit-case, it helps us carry all our clothes (and many more) around, so that when we go to another place...we may be able to feel at home. For people who are practical by nature, a suitcase serves a...'light'-yet important-puspose. And then there is this other category of people, the ones with the...'heavy' load (in the literal sense:). However, heavy or light, big or small, black or white, practical or impractical, suitcases share a common starting point...going somewhere!

My intoduction on tommorow's (Thursday) Theme is kind of...misleading. I thought about suitcases, then about traveling, then about...cases! There are two 'cases' I'd like to mention today. This post is going somewhere so bear with me :)

(Suit) Case no 1: Pencils...

This was going to be a seperate post, cought up with me and time 'travelled' fast! However, while pondering upon the theme on suitcases, it hit me. This 'special pencil-case' is going to be my 'suit-case'! Meaning...

One day, in early May, I was going through the wonderful blogs I read and found this great post in Mrsupole's place. I am around children all day and there is nothing better and more rewarding than the chance to teach (or rather...for children to teach you) the beauty of caring about and helping other people. So I told my youngest students that children...somewhere in this world... didn't have pens and pencils to write with. "Would you like to help out?", was my question..the response I got-and the lesson my students tought me that day-is in this little video I made (this is all the children's making, I just used the editing programme:)...

(Suit) Case no2: Message in a bottle...

Would you say that a message travels like a suitcase only...faster (well depends on the message)? What if I told you that I have a 'message in a bottle' kit!

I bought it to from a friend with a toy-store. Figured it would be cool to give to someone or even use it myself someday. Have you ever tried to think about writing a message for a bottle, when you are not in a desserted island and in no need to be rescued? Well it is HARD!

So here is my thought...there is nothing better than sharing and this one I wanna share with my fellow bloggers from around the world. Would you like to gather up messages (your messages) put them in the bottle, seal it and 'release' it out in the open sea? I mean what would you write? Who knows were it might end up? If you're with me, leave your message in the comment section and the rest is up to me. Of course I'll keep you post-ed and the 'release' date for our little bottle will be set soon!

So there you have it my dear TT, fellow bloggers! Off to read all the great posts out there!
Take care


Brian Miller said...

interesting proposition...i would be in for putting a message in a bottle...and intrigued on where it might end up. hopefully the person would write back about where it ended far as what i would put in it. that's a good question...

we did pencils of hope with our boys as well. they had a great time picking them out. our poor little post office had a hard time figuring out where it was to go, but we got it there. fun projest to get the little ones involved it. see you later this week for TT!

Candie Bracci said...

Great post Marianna!!!:D

Ronda Laveen said...

I remember Mrsupole's post on this and new that Brain and his sons participated. I am warmed to see the project you did with your class. Thanks for sharing it with us and the project with them.

I would like to put a message in your bottle. My message will be "I love you."

This is a fun idea!

Marianna said...

Brian: So nice that you want in on the 'message in the bottle' thing! Waiting for your message then lol

Candie: Thank you!!!! xoxo

Ronda: I love your message...simple and yet so...complicated :)

Have a great day all! Happy TT!

Baino said...

The pencils for hope thing was a great idea but I must admit, I haven't got around to it yet but I will. I remember when my daughter got her first set of Derwent colouring pencils in Uni and they are still treated like treasures. Message in a bottle? Great idea but I'm not sure what message I'd put in . .let me sleep on it. Nice concept Marianna I can tell you're a teacher you have these lovely creative ideas.

mouse (aka kimy) said...


a lovely and unique approach to the theme!

the vid is wonderful! and promoting a good cause... loved seeing the faces of all the children.

one time years ago I actually did find a bottle wash up on a beach with a message inside. too bad I can't remember the message.

Wings said...

I would love to do a message in a bottle, as well. Not sure what I would write, though. And I would love to include an email address or something, so I could be made aware if it was ever found and read.

Marianna said...

Baino: Thank you! The children loved it and they were so sweet, giving every pencil they had in their pencil-cses :) As for the message in the bottle, I'd love for you to send me yours and we'll make a compilation of them all!

Mouse: Oh that is so great. You're lucky finding that bottle!

Wings: E-mail...not bad :) If you'd like send me your message and we'll put it in the bottle lol

Take care you all

VE said...

I'd do a message in the bottle. I'd write "sorry...but I was thirsty too..."

Marianna said...

VE: thanks for the message lol it's great, heh heh :)


Anonymous said...

I guess my other suitcase would have the "heavy" load, Marianna( finally got through! )And I've donated more pen, pencils, crayons,books, etc. than I can count. Those items are always greatly appreciated!

Not sure about the message in a bottle thing, tho'. Pondering on that...nice. Lovely post! Peace and hugs, luv :)

Leah said...

This is so cool! about

"I'm waving at you from Brooklyn!"

Sandra Leigh said...

Wonderful take on the suitcase theme. The message in the bottle? Hmmmm. That will take some pondering. I'll get back to you.

Jaime said...

hmm...interesting idea. i don't know what kind of message i'd put in a bottle. i'll have to think about that one.

The Silver Fox said...

My bottle message wouldn't be effective in a group mailing, I'm afraid: "The tropical birds have become annoying, and I'm sick of coconuts and bananas. I'm tired of waiting. When are you going to come to rescue me?"

Marianna said...

Subtorp77: Thank you! Waiting on your message for the bottle:) xoxo

Leah: I love it lol Definitely going in the bottle:)

Sandra Leigh: Thanks and happy you wanna participate in the 'message'...thing:)

Jaime: See, I told you its hard to figure out a message lol I know I haven't figured it out yet :)

The Silver Fox: No, all messages are accepted! I like yours lol

Have a great day all

Anonymous said...

Okay Marianna, here you go:

For any-one who finds this note,
Know ye that I've lost my boat.

I'm stranded on this desert isle,
And I'm thinking all the while,

"I'd be full of joy and jubulation,
If I could get back to civilisation.

Heed this note, please don't toss,
Or it will become your albatross."

Mrsupole said...

Oh Marianna, my eyes started filling up with tears of joy and my heart filled with pride at what you and the children have done. The video made my chest hurt because it had so much love and beauty for you and the children. I can only ask that you let them all know how wonderful they are to do this. These are the most wonderful acts of kindness in the world.

I said a special prayer for all of you and a prayer of thanks.

As to what I would write in a bottle........Hello to you, we may be different in a few certain ways, but we are truly more alike in all the others. We love and share. We give and receive. When something is lost, we cry, when it is found we laugh. We work, we play. We are so much alike. We are all humans, wonderful, diverse, beautiful humans. I love you all.

I hope this message is not too long. You can cut it out or change it if necessary.

God bless to you and your class.
I have said some prayers for you all.

Marianna said...

subtorp77: Oh I loved this message! Thank you so much for devoting the time and energy to write this beautiful poem!

Mrsupole: Thanks to your blog and you, I managed to learn about all this are the starting point for this all! I'm thankfull and happy that through blogger I managed to find so many great people, like you! Thank you for the wonderful message, it'll go in the bottle...uncut, I wont change one thing :) Oh and I'm sure that my students would want me to send a big hug to you :)

Take care you all

Megan said...

This is great! I will think about my message. Reminds me of Tony's balloon story.

Cheers to you and your students!

Anonymous said...

Marianna, I'm actually expanding the note and just for you( and whom-ever chances to blog on by )Happy Sunday!

Marianna said...

Megan: blog on and waiting for your lovely message! I tell it is going to be the greatest bottle out there (once we set it free in the sea!)

subtorp77: Thank you so much! As I said to Megan, it is going to be a great message for our little bottle lol

Happy Sunday to all

Anonymous said...

Marianna, I'll have it posted, anon! :)

Marianna said...

Thank you subtorp77! I'm sure it going to be a wonderful post. Well it is past midnight in Greece now so I'll get some sleep and I will 'see' a few hours lol

Have a great rest of the day :)

Anonymous said...

Pleasant dreams, luv!

reyjr said...

i love pencils! i keep them sharpened always. I'm a bit obsessive like that.. :D

tony said...

I Love Beachcombing..........Imagine finding such a bottle!Although-on days when i feel 'unlucky'...I would find My Meassage was "SPAM"!!!!
I hope your weekend is going well Marianna.

Anonymous said...

@Tony, there was that balloon you found, as I recall...

Marianna said...

subtorp77: Just read your post and am very thankfull! This weekend couldn't end more perfectly, thank you lol

reyjr: Me too but I'm not too good at the sharpening thing ;)

Tony: Oh I love that too. But I believe subtorp77 is right...remember the balloon? That was really something!

Have a great day you all

Anonymous said...

Marianna***blush***, thanks and enjoy the rest of the evening! And please, "Subby" is fine!