Sunday, May 3, 2009


Lots of first things these past couple of days...

1) A 'newborn' month with a very important day, May 1st!

Many people sacrificed their lives for better working and living conditions, human rights and ideals. I am not sure if we do much to honor them today...

2) Spring...sprung! This is the first beautiful rose, 'to be', from our garden!

Things look greener and more colorful...somehow. The first day of this month was rainy and cloudy for us. We usually go out to celebrate and honor labour day, then go to the countryside, pick some flowers, see the family. We 'catch' May (as we like to say). Well we didn't catch anything this time, the weather made other plans for us :)

3) Finally to complete my 'newborn list' I give you the newest members of our family. Our two lovely, little kittens our cat gave birth to last month. They are 2 weeks old and unfortunately we are giving one of them away. Wish we could keep them both but...

Look how cute they are, sleeping on my granny's lap :)

Care to name them?
Take care you all and have a great 'first' week of May!


Brian Miller said...

cute cats...boys loved the pics...unoriginal but they recommended Ms. Kitty...nice find on the rose!

Baino said...

My brother and his wife have just returned from two weeks in Greece and loved it . .they're amazed that they don't get sunburned in Europe, a fiercer sun down here it seems and the kittens are very cute! Aww kittens, who doesn't like kittens. Snugglepot and Cuddlepie? (characters from an Australian children's book "Gumnut Babies")

Marianna said...

Brian: Hey there! Tell the boys a big thank you and that I love the name! It is one of the names we will definitely discuss! It's got my vote lol

Baino: Thank you for the cute names! lol my name-list is growing! I had no idea about the book's existence and now off to search the web! I'm SO happy that your brother and wife had a good time here! It is sunny (they were lucky to miss the heavy rain :). Tell me more when you can!

take care you all
peace and love

Ronda Laveen said...

Great May Day traditions. Sorry you didn't get to "catch" May. The kitties are so cute. To me, they look like Fizz and Fuzz.

Marianna said...

Ah Ronda! Thank you for the names, they are so cute! Definitely going on the table of negotiations lol

Have a great week

Candie Bracci said...


So cute Marianna!

Have a wonderful day and take care of them and yourself!


Candie Bracci said...

hiya again.You've been tagged,again,if you feel like,lol.
see you :)

Marianna said...

Hiya Candie! How are you sweetie! You know I love blog games so I'll get busy and post my 6 things soon!

Take care

Mrsupole said...

They are both so cute. I am too sick to think up any names and so say that I like the ones the others have picked. Glad you have to choose and not me. I just pick names that I am not embarrassed to let my neighbors hear me calling out.

God bless.

Marianna said...

Oh I hope you feel better now Mrsupole! My thoughts are with you.

Well I loved the names too and have difficulty to choose. But I like that better that having to think one myself lol

Have a great day and take care :)