Thursday, May 14, 2009 bad :)

photo from google search. The (famous) greek invention of a coffee also known as frape...

Today it's a regional type of holiday in my part of the world. Lots of celebrations going on, parades, schools and workplaces closed :) The sun is shining so...its the perfect day for a cup of Greek (or Turkish:) coffee! This is my time off...getting ready to go out with friends, cook and read all your wonderful TT posts on the most challenging theme of the week lol

I wouldn't say that this post is a (pure) TT is more of a lazy kinda post from a blogger who wishes to all the wonderful blogging people out there to have a GREAT DAY lol lol

Happy (Whoopsy) Theme Thurs-day :)


Brian Miller said...

whoops, i seem to live int eh wrong country as i could use a holiday...

what kinda drink is that you are having?

Mrsupole said...

Hope you enjoy your drink. Happy TT to you too.

God bless.

Marianna said...

Brian: yes it is a great day for a holiday here! As for the drink it is ice cold instand coffee, shaken, with milk and sugar. In one word frape...all you need is good company, lots of time in your hands, a straw and its a party lol lol lol

Mrsupole: Thank you! You have a great day as well!

Take care

Candie Bracci said...

OMG!To the ones who never tasted that coffee,it's the best!
Have a lazy happy day!
I've done even better,I have none,lol.I will do a tag later and add a oops sentence,that will do,lol.

Wings said...

Any coffee is good coffee... :)

Enjoy your day!

Leah said...

Happy TT!

I love an icy coffee frappe. Or some nice, hot, strong, Greek coffee. Either way.

Liza said...

have a happy day!

subtorp77 said...

Oooooh I've got to try this! Peace and hugs, Marianna :)

Ronda Laveen said...

Hi. My name is Ronda. I am a coffee addicted. I admit it. I am willing to turn all over to a higher power and right now, that frape looks like a higher power to me:) Happy holiday.

Dot-Com said...

Whoops indeed! Hope you enjoy your day off :-)

Marianna said...

Candie: Hey girl! Wish you could join us for a cup and a chat! Would be fun :)

Wings: Indeed thats so...true :)

Leah: Wish you could come with Candie!

Lisa: Thanks for stopping by!

Subtorp77: Wish you could too! I'll drink one for you :)

Ronda: Hi. I'm Marianna. Excuse me is this the CA meeting (Coffee Anonymous) cause I want in? Have a great day Ronda lol

Dot-Com: Hope you enjoy your day as well girl :)

I'll drink a cup to your health you guys!
Take care

Baino said...

My daughter still raves about Greek fraps that she had whilst holidaying there and just can't get them right back home! Enjoy your holiday!

Marianna said...

Baino: Oh it is all in the kidding. One needs to shake it properly (oh and get the coffee spoons right)! It is a coffee meant to last...for at least 3 hours!

take care now and have a great day!

Sandra Leigh said...

In a week or so, it should be warm enough here to warrant an iced coffee. It does sound great.

The Silver Fox said...

Coffee is a good thing. Any coffee. I feel about coffee the way most guys feel about sex. "Even when it's bad, it's pretty good!"

And no need to "apologize" for your "lazy kinda post." A few cups of coffee and I'll be too buzzed to notice.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

how you had a great holiday!!

what were you guys celebrating? couldn't find it on wiki....

Marianna said...

Sandra Leigh: Oh its so hot here...we are all ice-creams and cold drinks lol Hope it gets warmer in your part of the world soon :)

The Silver Fox: I love your sex metaphor and coffee lol lol So true indeed ;)

Mouse: I should have posted it, but lazy me :) We were celebrating our region's liberation from Bulgary. It happened in 1920!

Have a great day and night you all!

Megan said...

Coffeeeeee! (Reminds me I've got to get over to his blog tonight, too.)

Hi Marianna, hope you have a lovely weekend!

tony said...

hi Marianna.I hope You had a good time.Lots of OUZO?Have a fine Sunday.
tony x

Marianna said...

Megan: Hey there! I had a wonderful weekend and now...back to work lol Have a great week :)

Tony: Hello! Oh it was tzipouro this time (like ouzo only stronger :)

Have a great week you all