Monday, June 1, 2009

Motocross or..."camera gone bad" (as in "fairytale gone bad":)

Have you ever been to a motocross competition-/race? Well my friend Helen convinced us to go this Sunday and I have to tell you...I enjoyed it (thank you Helen)!! So I'm all excited to be around all these motorcycles and people with helmets and all the adrenaline! Got my camera with me to capture the event's most memorable moments! They start warming up and I'm all like "OK let me take a few pics, warm up".

So I take this small series of photos...

...and then the camera's batteries go from low to...dead!

Of course I missed capturing all the good parts of the race. But hey, later on we went walking next to a river (after getting back to civilization and...batteries) and found an abandoned tree house...that should count for something right?

Wish you all have a great week :)


Baino said...

I love motocross. My son used to partake but recently sold his bike to finance the work van. I love the freestyle tricks especially. If you ever get a chance to see 'Crusty Demons' live, take it. So much fun!

Brian Miller said...

love it. my youngest (4 yr old) has dreams of motocross. he is already trying to do tricks on his bike. imagine our doctor bill will be going through the roof before we know it. we usually take him at least once a year and have several videos. they get pretty crazy when it comes to freestyle!

love the old tree house as well, there is a story there.

Ronda Laveen said...

It has been a number of years since I attended an event but I love motocross. My husband used to ride. Too bad about the batteries. I hate when that happens. Loved Sunrise Avenue.

tony said...

Hi Marianna .[batteries or not]those are good photos!Looks like Fun!Enjoy Your Week!

Leah said...

I've never been to Motocross. I think I would love it!

Candie Bracci said...

Hello!How are you?Great post marianna!Motocross's cool and too bad you've missed the best part,but you found a treasure after.Life's like that!Have a lovely week too!;)

Marianna said...

Baino: will go to check out 'crusty demons' lol thanks dear!

Brian: 4years old and so adventurous! Some people have it in them from the start :) Have a great day!!

Ronda: Glad you liked the song! It is one of my favorites lol

Tony: and this is just a warm-up! imagine what pics I would have taken 'sigh' :) oh well, have a great day!!

Leah: Oh you will! I was skeptical at first but then loved it!!

Candie: Yes I guess I should console myself with the tree house lol Thank you sweetie, you have a great week!

Take care you all
peace and love