Thursday, April 23, 2009

My PC is on fire (literally)!

Have you ever had one of those days ,when everything just go...wrong! Where the universe just doesn't conspire so that you can do whatever you want (I gotta read 'the alchemist' again to restore my faith:-)!

Well my computer broke down, I am officially 'internet homeless' and been taken in by a good friend of mine so that I can use their net and (maybe) try to revive my laptop :-). However I had thought about my TT post a few days back so I give!

My mother painted this when she decided to close up the fireplace (don't ask)! She wanted to create the illusion of a fire, something you can watch but not..touch (or the illusion is gone:-)!

It came out OK I guess. Or it could have been better (in my opinion). What do you think my Theme Thursday fellow bloggers?

I will come back to check all your posts in a day or two, when and if I get my PC fixed! Till then...

Take care you all
Peace and love


Tom said...

i like the painting...especially how the fire is shown...sorry about your laptop, hope you didn't have to turn the hose on it.

Kris said...

Both my PC and laptop were off line for a week or so around New Year. It was hard...

Brian Miller said...

hope that your computer gets fixed soon. nice of your friend to take in thr homeless. lol. like the painting, in an abstract way.

Anonymous said...

Ach! Marianna, first me( blown circuit ) then Ronda, now you! I'm back up and operating, tho'...pretty neat of your mom to do this.

willow said...

Sorry about the PC. Hilarious about your mom painting this and closing up the fireplace! Thanks for the giggles!

Candie Bracci said...

Oh no,I'm sorry and I hope you'll be abck on tracks pretty soon!

I like that painting of your mom,it's cool,but like you said,don't touch,lol.

Have a wonderful day and weekend Marianna!!!

Hugs :)

The Clever Pup said... one else has one...

I'm always painting on walls. Your Mum is unique.

reyjr said...

lol. it kinda looks like paint coming out of spray cans. :D (but I'm not an artist so I have no credibility on artsy stuff. lol!)

tony said...

I hope your Machine recovers! Hey!That Picture is Flaming Groovy!

California Girl said...

that's the most amusing fake fire I've ever seen. Love it!

Ronda Laveen said...

I think you and I are leading parallel lives with the computer thing. When you get back on-line check my post. Good job, though. Your mom had an interesting concept.Virtual fire.

Wings said...

HATE when we lose the 'net. It has become such a part of our daily lives, I feel shut out when we are without it.

And as for the 'fire'... yeah, it is the thought that counts, right? :)

Baino said...

Has your computer been talking to Ronda's computer? They're in cahoots, it's a conspiracy . .interesting fireplace! I think I would have put some flowers in the space myself

DineometerDeb said...

Sorry about your computer. Amazing how dependent we have all become. I would practically have a panic attack if I could not look up some miniscule factoid instantaneously.

Megan said...

Could have been better.


Marianna said...

Tom: Thank you and I'll make sure I tell my mum...she will be happy :)

Kris: It is hard. I realised that the internet can have an overwelming power over us!

Brian: Thanks and oh is abstract lol

subtorp77: funny you mention that! It is like our PCs were talking to each other! ha ha!

Willow: It is funny! And this made me realise how much I love...real fire. The fake one just doesn't do it for me lol

Candie: "it burns! My hands, my HANDS!"! Hey Candie, have a great weekend in the UK my blogger friend! Take care ;)

The clever Pup: Well you two must be kindred spirits or something because she does that too! Don't let me start on the tree she painted on the wall :) You both are unique :-)

reyjr: Well I believe there is an artist hidden in all of us! Look for him ;)

Tony: "Flaming groovy" lol lol My mum will love it! Thank you ;)

California Girl: hey there and nice of you to like it! Not many people do so...thank you!

Ronda: My fellow blogger I hope you are back on track with your PC! As you can see mine had a fast recovery after all (good antibiotics lol).

Wings: Exactly my feelings yesterday my friend!

Baino: Well they tried to 'take us down' but left...empty handed lol lol Mine is doing OK now thanks to my technologically literate good friends here!

DineometerDeb: Well the day I was offline I...cleaned up a bit! Amazing how many things I threw away! All is for the best after all! But I was feeling...shut down as well :)

Megan: Finally! Someone who agrees with me!!

Take care you all
Happy Theme Thursday
Peace and love

Dakota Bear said...

Happy to read your PC is back.

As for the painting it is funny. I have some of those Mom painting, but they are not on display.

Marianna said...

Hey Dakota Bear! Glad to cu here lol yes it is funny and 'hot' in an abstract way!

take care now

Cuppa Jo said...

I like it. 'minds me of the holiday log that's on TV on Christmas day, but homier as mom made it and not the networks

Marianna said...

Thank you Cuppa Jo. I'll make sure I tell my mom, she will be happy to hear some people liked what she did :)

Take care now

Mrsupole said...

I thought that was an artist's picture or something. Lots better than I could do.

My computer is talking to all of your computers and is giving me a heck of a time. I sure hope yours gets better and you can come back online, even if I can only stay online for a little bit at a time. I know how frustrated you are feeling. Oh how I know.

God bless.

Marianna said...

Mrsupole: Recovery on its way :)
My PC is back and I am a happy woman. I felt the vibes of your frustration though because I am now convinced...our PC's were in this together!

Have a great week!