Sunday, July 5, 2009


I have been tagged by an awesome and dear fellow blogger, Brian Miller. Each of his blog posts is a journey that lasts a few minutes (till you read it) but the words stay with you! You learn and you laugh and you cry and you smile and you think...! Give it and you'll see what I'm talking about! is awesome being a queen (thank you Brian)! I think-though-that there are pieces of that crown for 7 more people (only?!). OK there are some rules before I start handing out the pieces (and remember the central crown jewel is...mine! Heh heh kidding).

1. list 7 things that make you awesome (hmmm that is tough:)

2. Pass the award to 7 bloggers that I love (hmmm that's tougher...I love so many!)

3. Tag those bloggers to let them know they are now Queens too and link back the Queen (in this case a king:) who tagged you. (OK that's easy if I survive the first two:)

Get ready for awesome-ness lol
The seven things I like...about me (wait isn't this a song title...sort of?)

1) I like the fact that I managed to be surrounded by so many...awesome people. My family, friends and blogger friends are cool, honest, great, loving, caring people. So lucky to have's awesome :)

2) I like the fact that I never betray a person's trust.

3) People say that I have a great voice and ask me "why don't you sing professionally?". I don't that awesome?

4) I like the fact that I sometimes make people laugh with what I say. Laughter for me is what water is for the body. Essential :)

5) I like that people call me sometimes-during my radio show-to tell me a nice thing or a simple hello. Communication is such a great thing!

6) I love! And love is awesome, ain't it?

7) I like the fact that I'm a rule breaker (they're meant to be broken after all). So if any one of my friends is reading this (the ones that know me in real life-or not:), could you fill the 7th spot? Oh and also could you verify facts number 2,3 and 4? Someone? Thank you lol

That's all folks! Now the hard part...tagging time. I'll try to tag people that I think haven't been tagged (if you have already been tagged, forgive me). If it was up to me I'd tag all the bloggers you see on my reading list lol So here it goes...

Subtorp77: Thank you for the awesome journeys subby!

Lisa: I love your awesome blog and the issues you raise!

Leah: The weather in...her blog is always warm, sunny and awesome!

The lair of the Silver Fox: Have you read his awesome writings? No? I think it's time to start :)

Mouse: The pictures, the quotes, the writing... they're awesome and beyond!

Liza: The company this blog keeps is...awesome!

Tom: This blog's awesome title says "[...] with a Twist", I say "on the rocks" because!

This is it! Remember that for are all kings and queens!
Have an...awesome week lol


Baino said...

Aww very sweet. I've sort of got one in the wings thanks to Candie but having trouble working out what's in the slightest bit awesome. Laughter and Love . . with you on both!

Brian Miller said...

Nice. After your list, it looks like i tagged the right person! smiles. thanks for the warm comments! much deserved!

Marianna said...

Baino: Oh I'm sure you'll find many things because you can't help are awesome!!

Brian: Thank you for this sweet comment! Made me smile (and blush a bit, heh heh:)

Have a great week you all!

Anonymous said...

Marianna, thanks luv, but this will be a tough one ( trying to think up 7 awesome things ) and you tagged most of whom I would have-you been reading my mind?-LOL!

Will work on this! Peace and hugs :)

Candie Bracci said...

And I LOVE all of those 7 things about yourself!You're a Queen with a big "Q" and don't you change!:)

Tom said...

Hi Queen M, thanks for the tag...of course it is Monday and I have to be in a blue funk; I will seriously have to dig deep to find 7 awesome things about myself! But I will try...
I didn't know you had a radio show...that must be fun.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

thank you queen marianna! you ARE awesome!! and how cool to learn that you have a radio show, any chance it is one that gets streamed? I'd love to hear your voice!!! that is well, awesome!!



Liza said...

Thank you Marianna. I didn't know you had a radio show. How AWESOME is that! BTW, I'm glad the company I keep makes your day, too. Hey, still looking forward to more pictures of your vacay. I'm a sucker for travel photography.

Megan said...

I think awesomeness is a word. For sure, you have it!

And I'm with Mouse - is there a way we can hear your show?

Marianna said...

Subby: You deserve it;) Oh I can think of some things that make you awesome lol

Candie:Thank you!! You are so sweet to say that lol

Tom: Can't wait to read your 7 awesome things!

mouse: Thank you dear! Well we have a website One can find a link to it that says "listen live" or something :) My show airs Mondays 8-10 in the afternoon so you gotta check out the time difference! That would be awesome, to listen to my show lol

Liza: Pictures coming up soon!!

Megan: I knew it was a word lol Check out mouse's response for details on "how to listen" lol

Thank you all for the sweet comments! You are awesome indeed :)


Ronda Laveen said...

6 very awesome things about you! With those qualities, I am sure your friends feel lucky to count you as one. I loved your response in #4.

#7? You make great video clips.

J A Harnett-Hargrove said...

Thanks for the vicarious introductions! Great picks...

word verification is UNRESSES.

Megan said...

Thanks for the info! I will try and see if I can listen next Monday!

Marianna said...

Ronda: Ohhhh thank you about the 7th thing! You are sweet to say that:)

J A Harnett-Hargrove: Hey Jayne :) Thank you for commenting lol

Megan: I estimated the time difference. I think that when my show airs in your part of the world it's 10 o'clock in the morning :) I'll play english songs next monday. Oh and maybe I'll say something in English, too :)

Take care all

tony said...

Hey! I'd Love To Hear You Sing! A Podcast sometime perhaps?

Lisa Allender said...

THANK YOU for the "Queen" title.Many years ago, my first boyfriend Peter used to tire of me saying "I want to be the Queen--could you get me...."(whereupon I would ask for ice cream, lemonade, something) and he would fetch it for me. I was such a sily girl! Sweet to finally get the "title" of Queen".LOL.
You rock, you know, Marianna!

Anonymous said...