Thursday, August 6, 2009

Filia-A Theme Thursday post

In Greek the word "filia" (the intonation on the a) means kisses. What I find interesting though is that if you change the intonation and stress the second I-filia-then you get the word "friendship"...hmmm I think I had a point at some point but then I...lost it...God it's hot here. How is the weather in your part of the world? OK...moving on...

I love this weeks theme and I love the fact that I went on YouTube and listened to songs I had forgotten, like "kiss me" by sixpence none the richer...

and remembered Rhett's kiss to Scarlett...

The thing I liked most was the fact that some people went to the trouble of making compilations of kisses from movies and TV shows. The outcome...a whole lot of kissing and hugging and well you get the idea. I give you one video I liked most, made by a YouTube user named "FirstTwinBorn"...Enjoy!!

Happy TT!!


Anonymous said...

hey Marianna- yours must be the first up! is it Thursday in Greece- still wed here for another hour. It's been raining here for days,very green; still waiting for summer. It's a great theme isn't it? Nice vids, Kisses from me XXX

Brian Miller said...

start talking about kisses and all of a sudden it gets we are caught in the humidity preceding a summer storm here. enjoyed the vids. happy tt!

Megan said...

"You should be kissed, and often! And by somebody that knows how."

Ah, Rhett...

Ronda Laveen said...

The weather here in upper northern California (about an hour south of the Oregon border) is HOT, HOT, HOT...110-113 plus. We are supposed to get a cooling trend but after nearly a month, it is hard to believe. Smack!

Baino said...

If you can imagine an Australian accent . .you'd be asked 'Can I filia up?" . . Our men have just been voted the worst husbands in the world in some silly poll. Maybe because their idea of foreplay is "Are you awake love?"

It's cold . .two heaters on and a hoodie! But at least it's warmer than an Irish summer!

Wishing you fantastic filia! And many of them.

otin said...

All of these kissing stories are making me think about my youth!

otin said...

I have never seen Gone With The Wind, maybe someday I will!

Marianna said...

Cinnamon: Hey there! Sorry to hear about the weather. Hope it gets warmer soon...I know I could use a little rain now!

Brian: I guess kisses and hot weather is like with fire lol

Megan: My thoughts EXACTLY lol

Ronda: Same here :) We'll get through it...I guess lol

Baino: "Can I filia up?" lol lol God I wanna come to Australia...I need cold weather and fast :)

otin: Oh "Gone with the wind" is a great movie. I recommend it!

hugs and kisse you all

Anonymous said...

Hi Marianna! Interesting how just the sounding of one letter can change the whole meaning of that word! Nice GWTW tie-in, as well :) Happy TT!!

California Girl said...

You and I were channeling on "GWTW" although I used a different scene and was unable to find the scene I really wanted, when he asked her to kiss him before he went off to war.

J A Harnett-Hargrove said...

Nice vid choices. It's amazes me all the different kinds of hits 'kiss' conjure up. -Jayne

VE said...

As my kid would say, "Is that last one a kissy movie?"

willow said...

Rhett and they sizzle!!!

Michael Rawluk said...

I guess I will have to watch Gone With the Wind some day.

Candie Bracci said...

A huge kiss to you!
Nice post and thanks for the lesson!

liza said...

It's a lot hotter, now, after watching the kisses montage. Very enjoyable, but what's up with the saran wrap kiss?

Betsy said...

It's cool here...but those kisses sure are hot! :)

Colette Amelia said...

It has cooled down thankfully. The whole province has been breaking heat records and there are forest fires everywhere...and ones that are threatening towns and houses!

I love Gone with the Wind!

Great choice!

Rita said...

What a great video. And I agree with the others, all these kissing post have me strolling down memory lanes that are best forgotten.

Marianna, thanks for the lovely comment on my kissing post. Despite all the spelling and grammar mistakes. I must admit I was quite embarrassed when I signed on today an reread what I had written. I did something I should never do, which is write something when I am just too tired to think.

I have fixed all my mistakes now, and thanks once again for the visit.

Kris said...

I do enjoying kissing.

Wings said...

Great fun!!!

Bobbie said...

:) I enjoyed your work with this prompt!

books,coffee,etc.... said...

Hi! Marianna,
Great video to share with your readers...It's suppose to be hot! hot! hot!...where I live this time of the year, but instead it's cool! cool! cool!
Take care!
and Happy TT
DeeDee ;-D

nikgee said...

Hi Marianna,It's been very hot here in Phoenix. Kind of normal for Aug. Hot and muggy. Nice thurs. theme. I recommend it, kissing 5that is, on a regular basis. nick

Lisa Allender said...

I love this!! I know you've seen my cousin, Jayne(Harnett-Hargrove)'s recent post on kisses, and Einstein, etc. etc.
Great topic! ;)

Marianna said...

Oh my all these wonderful messages!! Thank you my dear fellow bloggers lol
I send a huge kiss to all!

I normally respond to each comment but...I have this feeling that this summer is the bussiest one I've had in a while (but it's fun bussy, so don't worry:)

kisses and hugs!

tony said...

Hi Marianna. It's fine & sunny here in England at the moment .although nowhere near as Hot as Greece!
A Fine Selection Of Clips!
kisses from Tony!

Dot-Com said...

What a great selection of movie clips, I really enjoyed that.

Marianna said...

Hey Tony and Dot-Com! A huge kiss to you as well :)


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