Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Same Time, Next Year"-A Theme Thursday Post

Hello everyone! So today I noticed that this post is the 60th for this blog. Today's Theme Thursday is also "Clock" so I figured, 60th post+60 minutes (as in an hour)= important blogging moment :)

I thought about time and how we say it always passes so quickly or the opposite! Then two people came to mind. Two people that managed to 'fool' time and make it 'stop' even if it was just for two days, every year.

Of course I'm talking about my favorite theatre play (one of the many I enjoy). Its title is relevant to the theme, "same time, next year" (written by Bernard Slade). The 'people' I'm referring to are the heroes, George and Doris. Two characters living separate lives who, somehow, manage to make them parallel by meeting the same weekend of each year, in a hotel room.

The scene I found on YouTube (from the movie) is the reason I thought of this play for today. The fact that George's watch, when Doris asks the time, is "3 hours and 25 minutes fast"! Time is so relevant, isn't it? I mean would you wear a clock that doesn't work as it should? Are you obsessed with time or do you struggle to make time your friend?

The way I see it, one thing is certain. We can 'make time' by choosing what is important or not in our lives. Time keeps...ticking in that monotonous sound. However life is so much more than that and the sound is far from monotonous out there, in the real...clock!

Have a great day you all!
Peace and love


tony said...

I Agree. Time can be 'Slippy' or 'Sticky'depending on where we are;what we are doing;the People around us. we have the ability to Make Time as we we wish it.
[Gosh! That Was Deep I must now go lay down to recover.......!]
Have A Fine Day Marianna.Make The Most Of Your Time!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

happy 60th post! wonderful take on tt!

60 ever-lasting roses to you!


mouse (aka kimy) said...

and love!!


Marianna said...

Tony: We do, don't we? It's like we are in control of time (this reminds me of some therapy sessions where they say 'you are in control of you' haha)! Thanks for your wonderful comment! Wish you have a great day!xoxo

Mouse: Peace and love to you!! Love the roses :) Thank you, you are a sweet-heart!xoxo

Take care you all

Brian Miller said...

happy 60th! your last paragraph sums it up well. the watch being that far off, you wonder why he continues to wear it. wish for far more days when time is so irrelevant in those moment we wish could last you say on the things that are important

Poetikat said...

I often lose track of time because I get absorbed in things to the exclusion of all else.


Debo Hobo said...

That was a good movie I watched in my much younger years, now I want to re watch it. Thanks for the reminder. :)

VE said...

Happy 60th! If you were on the highway in most USA'd be speeding!

California Girl said...

This touches me. I would not have thought of this movie but it fits beautifully with the theme. This movie holds up and is such a great love story. I just viewed the credits on your youtube video and realized what an incredible group of technicians made the movie, not to mention the great acting of Ellen Burstyn & Alan Alda. Wonderful choice.

Leah said...

I really like that movie, although I haven't seen it in ages.

You are so right about time just going along, and how we must try to fill it with the important things, things we love. I've been thinking about this so much lately!


Ronda Laveen said...

Happy 60! I loved that movie and it marks time so well. I see why you thought of it in regards to this week's theme.

Our time here is only in what we fill it with. Wonderful thoughts, Marianna.

Wings said...

Congrats on the 60th post! And great idea for clock, too! :)

Tom said...

never seen this flick...
happy TT !

Marianna said...

Brian: And perhaps in order to hold on to the illusion of...winning over time? Great insight, thanks!

Poetikat: Thank you so much for following and happy TT! Oh this happens to me too:)

Debo Hobo: well I like watching it on stage as well :)

VE: Thank you!!!!

California Girl: Yes the story is just heartbreaking and so greatly written!

Leah: Hey I tried accessing your blog before and I had trouble with it. Off to try again lol

Ronda: Thank you and I'm glad you liked it :)

Wings: Thank you for your kind comment:)

TOm: Happy TT to u2!!

Have a great day you all and thank you again for the lovely comments!


The Silver Fox said...

I saw this film when it was still fairly new (early 1980s?). I wouldn't mind seeing it again. Fit in nicely with the rest of your post.

Michael Rawluk said...

When I left my job I quit wearing a watch. Time wasn't as important anymore.

Baino said...

I love that play . . yep I get lost in time as well. I've been sitting here catching up on Theme Thursday's since 5:30am and it's now 9:30 . . must slip away and get some breakfast before it's lunch time.

Dakota Bear said...

Time has what ever value we give it. Its a lot of fun choosing how it is to be spent.

I saw the movie when it first played and I liked it. I think I'll look for it again.

Megan said...

I have not seen this film, so thank you for the info! Excellent, timely post and I hope you continue blogging 60 times 60.

Enjoy your weekend, lady!

Mrsupole said...

Happy 60th postday!!!

I enjoyed the video clip of the movie. I had totally forgotten about this movie. It's been years since I have seen it.

Time just keeps ticking away and I too get so absorbed in what I am doing, that when I look at the time, I wonder where it all went. Each moment of time is so precious. This TT subject has made me think of this. I really need to start doing things and stop wasting time.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

mAybe I am a bit obsessive. but only when it comes "time" to leave work or get the Princess, after school...

Marianna said...

The Silver Fox: I saw it in the theatre last year and loved it! Nicely written lol

Michael Rawluk: Thanks for stopping by! The same goes for me when not working (on holidays). It is like time doesn't matter. Have a great day :)

Baino: Talk about time flying by, eh? lol

Dakota bear: It is, I'm right there with you :)

Megan: Thanks you! Hope you'll enjoy the story as much as I did! Have a great weekend!

Mrsupole: You are so right about that! It is funny how TT makes one look at things from another perspective, eh? Have a great day!

subtorp77: Living work...good times :) lol Have the most wonderful day!

Peace and love everyone!

Candie Bracci said...

Great post Marianna,true words.I agree.I can say(even if it's sounds cheesy,it's true,lol)that I never waste my time when I come on your blog!Have a lovely weekend!:)

Marianna said...

Hello my dear Candie! Oh your comment made me smile and you're so sweet to say that :) Thank you and as they say in English 'right back at you'!

Have a great day and weekend lol

lettuce said...

that really would be like a weekend out of time! funny, stretchy stuff - and i've recently stopped wearing a watch unless i'm working or really have to. its quite liberating.

Marianna said...

I recently realised that about my mobile phone. Most liberating feeling in the world ;) Have a great day Lettuce lol

books,coffee,etc.... said...

Hi! Marianna,
I have never watched the film Same Time, Next Year, but
I most definitely, plan to seek this film out to add to my dvd collection.(or I can just watch this film on youtube)...By the way,
Happy 60th post...and another even number "event"...I'am your 20th follower!...Another thing about time...It's fleeting!

Take care!
DeeDee ;-D

Marianna said...

Hi there books, coffee, etc lol

Thank you so much for following! It sure is a landmark post for me this TT one :) Oh it is a great movie, I'm sure you'll like it! Maybe then we can talk and exchange views.

Thanks again and I'll be seeing you!

Kris said...

Clocks are evil.

Liza said...

I love how they made it to see each other for over twenty years. I can barely get a girls weekend with friends because of all the things that suck up my time. If only we measured time with the fall of the moon like the native americans.

meggie said...

I love this movie!! It is one of my all time favourites.

Anonymous said...