Thursday, February 11, 2010

City Island (or a movie that makes me wish I was in New York NOW)

I have been a movie...lover all my life. The first person that introduced me to the wonderful world of movies was my grandmother. We used to sit together and watch black and white Greek movies. Back in the 60s, movie going was the only entertainment for the people in my granny's village, so every time an old movie was on TV we would sit down and she'd tell me all these stories about how she and grandpa would go to spend their last money to watch Jenny Karezi and Melina Merkouri on screen.

Growing up I realised that I was as interested in the process of writing and making a movie as I was in watching the actual thing. So I took several courses in the university regarding films and the English language as well as subtitling courses.

All the above became just a memory once I started working. A memory that I had forgotten until I discovered Raymond De Felitta's blog. For the first time I was able to follow the steps of movie making, to 'master' the terminology and 'watch' the process of creating a movie from the beginning to the end result.

City Island is Raymond's gift to all of us movie goers and lovers. A su-real aspect of life as we (don't) know it (?).The creator offers us the ability to become voyeurs in someone else's family, a family that functions within the boundaries dysfunction(re)ality (or within dysfunctional societies, maybe?). Could this family be...our own :)?

I haven't watched city island (yet) but I envy all of you in the US and especially in NY that you get to watch the film open on March 19th. This post is my tribute to this film and if I informed even one of you blog friends to go watch it I am happy. Good luck City Island and Raymond! Let the blogathon...continue!!

I leave you with a clip from 'The Thing About Folks', a movie by Raymond De Felitta that I've bought, watched and enjoyed! Take care all!


Brian Miller said...

interesting...had not heard of this one...perhaps to check it out.

Leah said...

I'm intrigued! And here I am in NYC, so the opportunity can be taken...I don't get to go out to the movies very often, usually waiting for the dvd, but maybe in this case...

I loved hearing your reminiscences about your grandma.

Marianna said...

Brian: Hey Brian, so glad you got the chance to learn about the movie!xoxo

Leah: I'm jealous :) When you go to watch the movie please come back to tell me some spoilers :)


Candie Bracci said...

Oh thanks for sharing that.It's been a while,hope all is fine with you!Hugs and love!:)

Baino said...

Hey Marianna . . hope you're well. I love Peter Falk but haven't heard of this movie. I prefer to watch the blockbusters at the theatre and hire the lesser ones on DVD but always nice to get a heads up on a feel good film!

Marianna said...

Candie: Long time no see sweetie! Good to see you on my blog, hope you are great :)

Baino: if you get to watch it I hope you enjoy it! Take care:)


Anonymous said...
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