Thursday, October 15, 2009

Murphy's Law...

I'm sitting in front of my computer trying to find the words to explain what happened to me these past 30 or so days...I'm trying to put it all together and figure out the beginning and end of my blog entry. Nothing...

Actually I have many excuses, and serious ones, for my blog-sphere absence. I don't know if anybody missed me but I missed all of you! I missed reading about your lives and thoughts! Missed theme Thursday! Missed a lot...

All I can say is that it was one of these months, when your life becomes a domino...up till now this domino was standing 'proudly', all colorful, in a great wavy shape until...something hit this domino so hard and...Murphy's law was revealed!

The bottom line is that when you hit rock bottom it suddenly becomes clear...there is nowhere else to go but up! And since health is the most important thing in the world I wish for us all to have a healthy life and enjoy everyday for every little thing it has to offer! My dad's near heart attack made me realise this...and I learned my lesson the hard way. I guess that is life for gives you the test first and the lesson afterwards (or so I read).



Leah said...

I had been wondering what was happening with you, and whether everything was okay! It's good to see a post from you!

I'm very sorry to hear that you've had such a rough month.

Brian Miller said...

you were missed. so sorry to hear about your fathers heart attack. life comes at you fast and your health and the health of your family come first. i hope the journey back for you will be one that you can learn those lessons, but in a way that makes life all that more for you. prayers your way.

Candie Bracci said...

Oh Marianna!I missed you so much,I've been writing you a comment on previous post,was wondering what was going on!I'm really sorry to hear that,OMG,I hope he's going to be fine.I will think of you.I know those things make you realise how important enjoying life and sayin "I love you" is important.If you need anything or need to talk just give me a shout,my email address is on my profile page.Love to you and the best for your dad.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Hi Marianna,
I've missed you on the screen!
Happy you came back into this virtual world. It is good to attend to immediate situations... I hope you and Father are better and stronger. Having no regrets is good, go easy on yourself. -J

Marianna said...

Awwwwww you guys! Missed all of you lol Thank you for sticking by me mentally, means a lot :)


Baino said...

I was wondering too. There's no email in your sidebar or I would have been in touch. I'm glad it was a 'near' heart attack an sincerely hope he's on the mend. There's nothing like a little tragedy to help us focus on what's important. . .you take your time . . .we're not going anywhere and you'll pop up in our 'readers' and feeds when you post.

Meggie said...

Oh I hope your father is ok. Life likes to dish out these little surprises, to keep us on our toes, perhaps. I have found we seem to have rough patches along the way. Balanced out by the smooth or spectacularly great!

Megan said...

Hope all is well.

tony said...

I hope all is ok now? Yes, Events Can Shake Us Up I Know.Of Course you were missed & Its Good To Hear Your Return .X

Marianna said...

Baino: Hey Helen! Good to be back!xoxo

Meggie: Thank you Meggie! Your words mean a lot to me :)

Megan: All is well!!

Tony: I missed all of you!xoxo

Take care all

Wings said...

Take care, good luck & Happy Halloween!

Betsy said...

Sorry life has been hard lately! Speaking of Murphy's Law, my hubby claims that "Murph", as he's so lovinly called in our home, is joined to his hip! LOL! Hope things start looking up soon and your dad feels better! And hope your Halloween is all treats and no tricks! ;)

e said...

Sorry to hear of your dad's situation and I'm glad you've re-joined blogland. I hope he's on the mend. Take care and Happy Theme Thursday!

California Girl said...

"Murphy's Law" would make a good TT.
Your post is mysterious. Hope you are all right.

California Girl said...

Actually, I missed the part about your father's heart attack. I'm sorry but I'm happy he's hangin' in. I skim sometimes. sorry:(

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