Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In Concert...

Don't you just love concerts?

The emotions

Xaris Alexiou, Ferres 2009

The music

Despoina Vandi, Alexandroupolis 8/28/2009

The excitement

Scorpions, Xanthi 2009

the 'silence' in the end...

The summer of 2009 is officially over! Wish you all had a blast and let...autumn begin!



Cinnamon said...

I love concerts too. Whilst it may be sad the summer is over, the secret is to always have a good concert to look forward to !

Hope the return to work is not too stressful :)

Brian Miller said...

i love a good concert as well...really wish i was catching U2 this tour...kinda glad autumn is here though..my fav season!

tony said...

Lovely Photos! I Dont Want Summer To End!

Baino said...

You're such a rock chick! I'm sorry yours is over but ours is just beginning .. it's officially Spring!

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Only the SUMMER concerts are over....
hope to see you this TT! -Jayne

Ronda Laveen said...

Oh, yeah, concerts. Seeing Los Lonely Boys mid-Sept. Yes! Are you back in school yet?

nikgee said...

WOW, This summer did zoom right by. That's ok , it's been a good year all in all.

It was a landmark summer, Sat. family got together to celebrate JiaJia's 100th years old. Four generations of family was represented. There were ones there I hadn't seen in twenty plus years. what made it even better we didn't gather for a funneral. No, it was a celebration of life and its blessings. I'm still trippin.. So anyway,nick

Leah said...

Oh noooo...summer's over? No one told me! ; )

I love concerts too, but haven't been to one in ages...

Candie Bracci said...

I love concert too!
Yes let's enjoy autumn!
Have a nice day :)

Valerie said...

Summer hardly started here. I still like concerts though.

Marianna said...

Cinnamon: Lucky for me I work with children so...no stress there! I love my job :) Hope you are great!

Brian: Oh I want to go to a U2 concert too! Hope next time you'll manage to go :)

Tony: Thank you! Me2!

Baino: Rock on! kisses to Australia :)

Jayne: That's true :) CU this Thursday :)

Ronda: In a few days schools start in Greece :) xoxo

nikgee: I love family reunions too! Such a beutiful picture the one you describe :) Looks like you enjoyed it very much!

Leah: Oh you should go to one. They are so...refreshing :)

Candie: Hey girl! Yeah Autumn is a good season! I hope you are having a wonderful day :)

Valerie: Summer is on its way I sure ;)

Take care all

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