Thursday, August 13, 2009

Festival-Theme Thursday

Every summer, since 1995, in the river Ardas (located in the north-eastern part of Greece) there is a festival. It is called a "youth meeting" and several Greek and Balkan Artists participate in the event.

I haven't actually been there (people say that the mosquitoes are the size of an airplane) but people who've camped there speak of a wild-wild event! Lots of drinking, dancing, singing, games and competitions! They are the four days of fun, when anything can happen. Kinda like Woodstock (minus the ideals though).

Back in the days, when the festival first started, there were more rock bands signing to sing. The past few years though, the festival lost its rock touch and became more...pop. This ardas website will show you what it is all about and also Picture this!!

This video is a bit shaky but it can give you an idea :) Enjoy this Greek Singer singing "Sweet Dreams". Thank you to the YouTube user Patsisnet for uploading the video.

Happy TT everyone and don't forget to check the other festivals around the world!


Poetikat said...

Sounds like a fun time! (I liked your Woodstock comment. It made me laugh).


tut-tut said...

So many reasons to leave behind the ordinary!

Marianna said...

Poetikat: It is and I really should go there sometime :)

tut-tut: yes indeed :)

Happy TT

Brian Miller said...

i guess the times are changin'. would have been a day when the rock party would have been my place to be, or be at my place. nice vids. hope you have an amazing day

California Girl said...

most festivals nowadays seem to be a combination of eating, dancing, parades and whatnot. I wonder what the origin of festival is...way back when.

Alan Burnett said...

Great to discover all about these different festivals throughout the world. Thanks for your contribution.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

hope you are having a festive august! thanks for turning us on to the ardas festival!

off to explore the links!

VE said...

Funny...when I see Greece and I see 'festival since 1995' I'm looking for the "BC" on the date. I just have this stereotype that everything has been going on for thousands of years there...

The Clever Pup said...

Thanks for introducing this to me.

Betsy said...

I'd have to bathe in mosquito repellent before going...I attract them like crazy! Anything in Greece sounds fun, actually! :)

Marianna said...

Brian: Hope you have an amazing day too my friend!!

California Girl: That is a great question actually :)

Alan: You're wellcome!

mouse: Thank you dear! Hope your August is awesome :)

VE: well we are a...pretty old country I guess :) lol

The Clever Pup: Thank you and you're wellcome :)

Betsy: Hmmm I'm not sure that you would be safe even if you bathed with it...I tell you they are huge and bloodthirsty lol

Take care all

Leah said...

That does look fun! Although gargantuan mosquitoes...oh no, not for me either.

VE made me giggle with his comment! I know what he means.

otin said...

Funny, while I was reading your post, a commercial was on tv about a new Woodstock movie! Strange?!

Where did all the rock bands go?

Marianna said...

Leah: of the reason I haven't been to this festival yet...mosquito bites :)

otin: I agree with you. Real rock bands are really hard to find these days.


Megan said...

No mosquitoes for me, thanks! But it sounds like a pretty interesting festival. But...four days? I don't know if I could take it! ;)

Kris said...

Any sign of Nana Mouskouri?

Anonymous said...

Marianna, four days of this? Hmmmm...I could do that. And not worried about the mosquitoes, heh, heh, heh...I'm seeing that seen from "Caveman" involving the giant bug-LOL!

Debo Hobo said...

I love festival that are loose and free, anythng goes.

Baino said...

One of the truly great things about living in a relatively dry country is the ability to have so many outdoor events. Love em! Although I feel conspicuously old these days so rarely go.

Marianna said...

Megan: yeah the four days are something to think about :)

Kris: hmmm first of I'm impressed with your knowledge of Nana. Second of all, I don't think she ever came to Ardas to sing, no...:)

Subby: Oh my the image with the giant bug...bugs are scary, aren't they? lol

Debo hobo: Yes it is great fun :)

Baino: And having a summer that is so so hot (literally) gives you abilities for festival and all...then again...the bugs (did I worry about bugs 10 years ago?...:)

Take care all

Candie Bracci said...

Festival are great fun!

tony said...

A Festival In Greece Is My Idea Of Heaven (do they have mosquitoes in Heaven?)

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